Denise Richards Dubbed A Wreck In New Paparazzi Photos

Denise Richards arrives at the Disney Media Networks International Upfronts at Walt Disney Studios on May 19, 2013.
Angela Weiss / Getty Images

Denise Richards may be happily married to husband Aaron Phypher, but there’s no denying that The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star hasn’t had it easy. The 48-year-old is reported to have said that ex-husband Charlie Sheen “bled her dry” during their divorce, per today’s report from The Daily Mail.

The newspaper’s report was accompanied by paparazzi images of the actress and reality star as she left celebrity-adored dining hotspot Craig’s in Los Angeles, California. The blonde was photographed walking to the valet after what was likely an early dinner: the sun was still shining.

Fans would likely argue that Denise as looking great. The blonde had opted for a casual ensemble of simple jeans paired with a tight black tank, although she’d added a designer injection via a hot pink Balenciaga bag bearing the Spanish brand’s logo. A fun pair of yellow heels added further splashes of color, although Denise had gone low-frills on the hair and makeup.

The star’s trademark blond locks were looking somewhat messy, however she seemed to have nailed the fuss-free hair look.

Viewers to The Daily Mail‘s images appeared to have less-positive views with regards to Denise’s photos. Their comments seemed to suggest that the mother-of-three was looking somewhat like a wreck.

“Yikes. She is not aging well,” one reader commented, which was the most upvoted comment with over 183 upvotes.

“She is a pretty woman but is ruining her looks with the botox. She is unrecognizable,” a fan wrote with over 91 users agreeing.

“She could be so stunning if she washed her hair, had it blown out and hired a better stylist,” another wrote.

“She’s ruined herself,” another said, likewise seeming to be giving Denise the thumbs-down.

For a woman who has faced a high-profile divorce and messy custody situations, fans would likely agree that seeing Denise so happy-looking is reassuring. Denise married 46-year-old Aaron in September of last year, just days after announcing their engagement plans. The marriage may have made headlines, but Denise remains best known for her 2002-2006 marriage to Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen. Together, the couple welcomed two children, Sam and Lola, who are now both in their teens.

The Daily Mail’s headline may have centered around Denise’s happy dinner date and recent mentions of her former marriage, but it did seem that viewers were out to slam the star’s appearance.

“Terrible outfit and hair. She always looks worn out,” one user stated.

“What fu…ing happened to her face?!?!” another asked.

This user was, however, put in their place by a more supportive user telling them that their comment was “rude.”

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