August 7, 2019
Blac Chyna Trashed For See-Through Outfit In Paparazzi Photos

Blac Chyna is being given a hard time. The former Rob & Chyna star was photographed by The Daily Mail last night as she left a dentist's office following a teeth whitening appointment, per the newspaper's report.

Photos showed the 31-year-old in her trademark, eye-popping look. The star was outfitted in a mixture of racy and casual styles, with the latter taken care of via a pair of baggy black pants with large pockets and elasticated material at the lower calf. Chyna had opted for clear perspex footwear, with a similar finish from a sheer top – this wasn't plastic, though. Chyna's see-through and long-sleeved top was showcasing a fair amount of skin, although it seemed out to remind fans of the star's edgy style. A strapless black bra underneath added sexy flourishes.

Chyna made her way through the parking lot with her uber-long and poker-straight blonde locks on show. Likewise glamorous were statement shades and a designer Balenciaga bag.

Viewers to The Daily Mail's images have been leaving their thoughts.

"Sorry for being rude to you Ms Chyna but everything you wear looks weird and garish. Sorry!" was the most upvoted comment with 73 users agreeing.

"Who goes to the dentist dressed like that? And how can the dentist get to her teeth through her lips LOL" was also upvoted by users.

A Brit appeared to opt for a well-known U.K. phrase that uses the British term for French fries.

"Looking cheap as chips," they wrote.

"I laughed out loud. What a ridiculous outfit and don't get me started on the hair extensions," another user wrote.

Admittedly, the look was bold. Chyna is, however, known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to style. This mother of two may wear denim overalls in the playground with her two kids, but her trademark look is risqué. Over on Chyna's Instagram, fans will see the star flaunting her super-curvaceous frame in minuscule swimming pieces, although Chyna can cover up when she wants to. Her grip on the fashion world is also a significant one: Chyna collaborates with affordable clothing giant Fashion Nova.
It looks like Chyna was willing to showcase her look of the day yesterday to the platform. The star posted a photo of herself in the same ensemble photographed by The Daily Mail, although this picture made fans smile. It also came with a Fashion Nova mention, proving Chyna's role as an influencer.
Fortunately, not all comments left to the newspaper were negative.

"So many cruel comments from jealous people. She is beautiful," one fan wrote.

Sadly, their comment was downvoted.

Fans wishing to see more of Chyna should follow her Instagram.