Kailyn Lowry Posts Super-Mysterious Plane Footage

Kailyn Lowry is keeping fans on their toes. The Teen Mom 2 star definitely got them talking as Instagram photos from weekend celebrations for her son Lux's second birthday came in. However, there's been an update.

Kailyn took to her Instagram stories today from the inside of an airplane. The video showed the 27-year-old seated inside the aircraft's cabin in what appeared to be full flight mode. While the blonde didn't show her face, she did film her lap and feet. Viewers saw a pair of pink-painted toenails alongside a Stephen King book that Kailyn appeared to have packed to keep her occupied during the flight.

"Another flight, another book," Kailyn wrote to accompany the footage.

Given that Kailyn gave no indication of where she was going or why, the footage was, indeed, a little mysterious. The star mentioned her podcast in her image, but no further information was offered.

Meanwhile, Kailyn's Instagram has been generating some anger. Earlier today, Kailyn took to the platform with a picture of the weekend's festivities. Her photo showing son Lux enjoying his special day in the presence of a crowd that included his father Chris Lopez was accompanied by an exciting caption. It suggested that a relationship reunion might be on the cards.

Fans were encouraged to head to Kailyn's bio, although it looks like the users landing on an OK! article with photos from the party has generated mass anger. The beginning of the storm was documented by The Inquisitr, but it appears to have progressed.

As The Inquisitr reported, an angry comment telling others not to follow the link with suggestions that Kailyn and Chris were only together for the party quickly shot up to be the most upvoted one. More than 198 fans liked it.

The thought seemed to be echoed by many other fans.

"Why post back together if it's only for Lux Bday party," one fan asked with over 42 users agreeing.

"Click bait," another said.

Another fan likewise mentioned feeling misled.

"When they forget to turn off the comments so we don't have to go check the link to find out it's just click bait AGAIN," they wrote.

"The 'link in bio' w the misleading caption might be the most annoying sh*t on IG," another stated.

Not all of Kailyn's recent social media posts has proven controversial, though. The star's recent Hawaii vacation with co-star Leah Messer proved popular by virtue of it being a joint one. Fans also seemed pumped to see both mothers in a family setting, with the trip including Kailyn's three boys and Leah's three girls.

Kailyn will likely have a lot of comments to sift through after her flight.