Haley Kalil Rocks A Wet Tank Top In A Pool

Haley Kalil shared a series of three new photos with her Instagram followers today. It caught the attention of many of her fans who left her nice comments.

All three photos were taken in the same spot. Haley appeared to be standing in the water as she posed at the edge of the pool. She wore a gray tank top and wore her hair down in a slightly off-center part.

The first and third photos showed Kalil smiling widely, while the final shot showed her playing with her hair with her left hand. It looked like she was sporting black bottoms, and her top was wet.

On the other hand, the model threw in a silly photo into the mix. The second photo of the set showed her placing her elbow and arm on the edge of the pool. She went cross-eyed for the photo, sticking her tongue out and placing her right hand by her mouth.

"Second pic is beautiful," chimed in a fan, who punctuated their message with a lip emoji.

"Ok your smile is a cheat code. NOT FAIR!" exclaimed another fan.

Meanwhile, others sent Kalil birthday wishes.

"Happy Birthday Goofball! I hope your 27th is the best ever!!" said a follower.

"Wow, Happy Birthday to the prettiest girl on IG," commented an Instagram user.

In addition, the model shared an Instagram Story of herself wearing a high-cut swimsuit. The original image was posted by Christian Michel and showed off Haley's outfit from the front and from the back.

The black-and-white photo revealed the model standing in front of a white wall. She placed her arms in front of her forehead and above her, as her chest peeked through the revealing one-piece swimsuit. Because even though the swimsuit covered her up in the front, it was small enough that her assets didn't appear to be completely contained.

A second photo showed off Kalil's look from behind, as it was a thong-cut swimsuit. It was also zoomed in and gave fans a good look at her bare derriere. The suit had two straps, along with horizontal stripes. The model appeared to be arching her back slightly for the shot.

"Peachey It is... indeed!!" exclaimed a fan, who was playing off the captions.

"Living the sweet life," said another, likely referring to the photographer's job.

The photo has 241 likes so far, but it's likely that many more fans have seen the picture. After all, Kalil posted it as a story, and she has over 275,000 followers on Instagram.