Jack Whitehall Finds Out His Great-Great-Grandfather Died Of Syphilis

Stuart WilsonGetty Images

Comedian Jack Whitehall and his father, Michael, have formed a two-man comedy act in their Netflix show, Travels With My Father, but on the show Who Do You Think You Are? on BBC, the father and son found out some dark things about the Whitehall side of the family.

According to The Sun, Jack Whitehall learned that his great-great-grandfather was quite the womanizer, which he initially found amusing, but then he learned that he was killed by a sexually transmitted disease, syphilis, which he also gave to his wife, Caroline, and she went mad.

Whitehall explained that the family story was that his great-great-grandfather, Richard Whitehall, died in a pony and trap accident and that Caroline was “killed by grief.”

Michael Whitehall, 79, explained that the family isn’t very emotional, but this was a touching story.

“We are not particularly emotional people, but reading an account that’s as graphic and as stark as that, it’s very hard not to be affected by it,” he said.

But the comedian was more upset to hear about a 19th-century relative, who was a Welsh Tory lawyer who found loopholes to prevent rival Whig supporters from voting.

“It’s pioneering scumbaggery — I’d rather he had syphilis,” the comedian said.

After his turn on Who Do You Think You Are?, Jack Whitehall will star in a movie version of Clifford, The Big Red Dog, reports The Inquisitr.

Whitehall will play the adult lead opposite of Emily Ann, who rescues Clifford from a company who wants to tap into the gene that makes him larger than usual.

Additionally, Whitehall has a standup comedy show on Netflix and has filled in as the host of The Graham Norton Show, according to Brigid Brown who gave him great reviews.

“If Norton is confident enough to hand over Graham Norton Show responsibilities to Whitehall, he must be a standup guy.”

Whitehall has been in the business since he was a child, starting at 9-years-old in 1997 on the British show, Noah’s Ark. He took a break to attend school, but returned on the television series Fresh Meat in 2011-2016. He also starred in the show and film, Bad Education, in 2012.

The comedian’s distinctive voice can also be recognized from Disney animated films like the 2013 hit film, Frozen, and the series, Thunderbirds Are Go.

On the Netflix series, Travels With My Father, Jack Whitehall and his father replicate his missed gap year and have lots of laughs traveling around the world, which is now in its second season.