Sara Sampaio Shows Off Booty In Sheer Lingerie

Sara Sampaio wears a silver dress.
Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

It’s no surprise to see Sara Sampaio showing up on the Victoria’s Secret social media feed. After all, she’s an Angel and is arguably one of the more popular models from the brand.

A new update from yesterday showed Sara in a black-and-white pic, as she modeled sheer lingerie. The post has been liked over 276,000 times so far, and appears to be a huge hit among her fans.

The photo showed Sampaio posing with her back facing the camera, as she looked over her left shoulder at the camera. The bottoms she wore were sheer, with lace accents along the bottom edges. The top of the bottoms had detached straps which rested on her hips.

Meanwhile, the model also wore a long-sleeved and sheer top.

The model’s hair also fell down her back, as she wore it in a middle part. She gave a sultry look with her lips closed, while the right side of her face was mostly left in shadows.

Many of the fans responded with compliments for Sara, along with some complaints against the brand.

“I just want the panties love them,” said a fan, as others also echoed their thoughts.

“I want this I want a link directly to ordering I don’t want to have to look for it,” said a follower, who clearly has no time to waste.

Others were distracted by the rumors surrounding this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

“Is the 2019 fashion show really canceled?” asked a curious fan.

In addition, an Instagram user tried to promote Sara in the comments.

“Follow all @sarasampaio she deserved more instagram followers than taylor hill,” they said.

And while a fan wished Sara had more followers, she already has over 7.5 million followers. Meanwhile, Taylor Hill has over 12.9 million followers on Instagram.

But besides the numbers game, the Victoria’s Secret models are known for being a close family. Their models aren’t known for being competitive with each other.

In other news, Sampaio previously revealed to Vogue Magazine some of her personal details. In particular, she gave advice to women.

“Love yourself. Instead of focusing on something you dislike, repurpose that attention on the things you love about yourself. A positive thought in the morning changes the energy of your entire day,” she said.

And as far as food goes, it sounds like her favorite food is from home.

“I’m from Porto, Portugal, and it’s honestly my home. Home-cooked family meals are always the best. But my favorite restaurant is called Arquinho do Castelo in Leca da Palmeira,” she explained.