Lady Gaga Spotted Kissing Audio Engineer Dan Horton During L.A. Brunch Date

Lady Gaga introduced Beyonce Knowles during the 2011 Billboard Music Awards
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What singer doesn’t appreciate a good audio engineer?

Lady Gaga definitely does — and probably not just because this professional makes her sounds good.

Bradley Cooper’s leading lady was spotted kissing Dan Horton while the singer and the audio engineer were brunching together in Los Angeles, according to People magazine.

In the post dated July 30, the pair were shown in the outdoor patio area of Granville. There, Gaga leaned over Horton to kiss him. She was standing by his side while he sat, his left arm casually leaning on a wooden banister.

The “Bad Romance” singer looked very sexy in this photo and others on People. The images pictured her wearing tiny Daisy Dukes with Gaga’s name emblazoned in script on the little bit of black fabric covering her firm tush. She rocked a skimpy black top with spaghetti straps that nearly covered her breasts, which were apparently not contained in a bra.

The singer-actress also donned what looked like a lanyard around her neck and she had her platinum hair with its black roots pulled up in a tight bun, indicating the weather was probably quite warm during the time Gaga spent with Horton.

The other photos People shared showed the pair obviously enjoying each other’s company. They seemed to be comfortable as they reportedly spent an hour together at the L.A. hot spot.

Most of the shots indicated Gaga and Horton had a lot to chat about, but whether they were sharing sweet nothings or simply talking shop was not divulged in the popular magazine’s post or in other reports about this rendezvous, including one from Radar Online.

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As Little Monsters know, Gaga and her former fiancé Christian Carino broke off their relationship earlier this year. After that, rumors of newly-separated Bradley Cooper — previously linked with Irina Shayk — hooking up with his A Star Is Born co-star have been relentless even though there is no real indication the pair are romantically involved.

As for Horton, the accomplished sound guy “and his stunning theater star wife, Autumn Guzzardi, split last year after five years of marriage,” Radar Online revealed in exclusive information from the sleuthing outpost.


“According to Tennessee court documents… off-Broadway actress Guzzardi, 37, filed for divorce from her husband, also 37, on February 27, 2018, citing ‘irreconcilable differences.'”

Radar reported that the former Nashville couple tied the knot on March 21, 2013, while their listed separation date happened on February 23, 2018. Their marriage was quickly dissolved.

Meanwhile, after the kiss captured by People between Horton and 33-year-old Gaga ended, the divine diva looked intensely into the prolific sound guy’s eyes. Her arms were still around him as he continued to casually lean his arm on the restaurant’s railing.

So, are Lady Gaga and Dan Horton actually pursing an office romance or was the superstar simply showing her affection to the audio engineer just because he makes her sound as good as it gets? At this point, the answer is definitely up in the air.