George Michael’s ‘Squatter’ Boyfriend Says He Won’t Leave The Star’s London Mansion

Singer George Michael poses at the "George Michael: A Different Story" P
Sean Gallup / Getty Images

Despite causing a ruckus and being asked to leave deceased singer George Michael’s Regent’s Park mansion in London, Fadi Fawaz says he’s not leaving. Michael’s former boyfriend got nothing in the singer’s will, yet he continues to reside in the pricey home.

Radar Online is reporting that Fawaz stated that the only way he’s leaving the house is in a pine box. The home now belongs to the WHAM! singer’s sisters, and they reportedly want him out.

A source says that Fawaz is still stinging after the singer left him nothing in his will.

“Fadi was left nothing in the will but seems to think he has a right to the home. He’s effectively squatting and basically says they’ll have to take him out in a coffin,” Radar Online reported.

It was Fawaz who found the singer dead and surmised that he could have taken his own life, which was disproved at the inquest.

George Michael’s family members have now gone to court and are battling to regain control of all his properties and his estimated $150 million fortune. They plan to force Michael’s ex to leave the estate by eviction or whatever means necessary. Reportedly, they didn’t want it to come to this, but after reports of the destruction of property, they felt they had no choice.

Just last week, The Inquisitr revealed that a nearby builder heard breaking glass and called the police on Fawaz, who was photographed standing around the destruction on a balcony wrapped in a blanket. Neighbors say that Fawaz has been living there since the singer died, and he is rarely seen in the daytime.

The builder in the neighborhood said that the occupant was acting erratically and then “the panes were damaged when Mr. Fawaz went berserk and smashed at least nine windows and fan lights. There was glass flying everywhere. He went absolutely berserk.”

Michael left the bulk of his estate to his sisters, Melanie and Yioda, and the two have decided to rent out the Highgate home through a luxury agency for $19,000 per week.

Friends say the sisters are finding it hard to move on, and they aren’t ready to part with Michael’s things and property. They would rather hold onto them and rent them out to others.

“The family don’t want to let it go yet, instead they want others to enjoy the beautiful house. Nobody knows which A-lister will be in there yet but it is likely to be somebody really big. It’s the most ideal place, kitted out for celebrities.”