Jeffrey Epstein’s Former Students Remember His Affinity For Teenage Girls

Stephanie KeithGetty Images

Before convicted sex offender and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein went down a very dark path, he taught math and science at the Dalton School in Manhattan, per The Inquisitr. Given the severity of the charges against him, people are scrutinizing his past as a teacher — a position he gained without qualifications — and some of his former students are speaking out about their experiences with Epstein.

The New York Times spoke to eight former students about Epstein’s behavior, which paints a disturbing picture of a man that consistently conducted himself inappropriately with teenage girls. One student claims Epstein once showed up at a party where students were drinking and claims that the thing that stood out most about Epstein’s time as a teacher was his attention on the girls.

“I can remember thinking at the time, ‘This is wrong,'” said Scott Spizer, who graduated from Dalton School in 1976.

Although no students remember Epstein making unwanted physical contact, the common thread seems to be his uncomfortable focus on the young girls he worked with. Millicent Young, who graduated from the school’s 1976 class, never had a class with Epstein but remembers being in his presence enough to notice how different his behavior was compared to other teachers.

“There was a real clarity of the inappropriateness of the behavior — that this isn’t how adult male teachers conduct themselves.”

One student, who spoke anonymously, claims that Epstein attempted to spend time with her outside of school and even says she talked to headmaster Gardner Dunnan, who faced his own accusations of inappropriate behavior, about her concerns.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, one of Epstein’s 14-year-old accusers from 2005 claims to have received an intimidating phone call from someone close to the former teacher. In addition, Epstein allegedly hired private investigators to track his victims and intimidate them, their boyfriends, and their families. The investigators reportedly parked in black SUVs outside of the victims’ homes, and in one case, allegedly drove one of the victims’ parent’s cars off the road.

“It was incredibly intimidating. You have to remember these girls were 14 and 15 (years old) when this was happening,” said Spencer Kuvin, an attorney for three accusers, per CNN.

According to attorney Roy Black, whose firm — Black, Srebnick, Kornspan & Stumpf –helped defend Epstein against the 2005 charges, any misconduct was outside of their knowledge.

“Our firm, like most lawyers, engages private investigators who typically worked in law enforcement for many years, when appropriate to assist in gathering information in support of our clients’ interests,” the firm said in a statement. “We have no knowledge of any improper conduct by any of the private investigators who assisted us.”