Mason Reese’s Girlfriend Offers Sex Tape With Former Child Star For $1 Million

Don LiebigGetty Images

Mason Reese, the ’70s child star known for his commercials for Underwood Deviled Ham, Post Raisin Bran and Dunkin’ Donuts, could be a sex tape star — if someone forks over enough cash. Reese’s girlfriend, 26-year-old adult entertainer Sarah Russi, told Too Fab the couple would consider making a sex tape for a seven-figure sum.

Russi told the outlet that she has already received lowball offers of $100 for “custom” sex tapes with Reese, but says she wouldn’t consider filming her private moments with her instantly recognizable 54-year-old boyfriend for less than $1 million.

“A lot of people are asking to see Mason and I have sex. So, they’re trying to buy custom videos, and they think they’re going to get it for $100. We want at least seven figures for that.”

Reese and Russi have been dating since December after first meeting at an adult convention in Los Angeles. Russi, who was unfamiliar with Reese’s work as a child actor, looked him up before sending him a Facebook friend request. After Reese liked a few of her photos on the social networking site, the pair began getting to know each other late last year, according to Fox News.

Seven months later, the adult star told Too Fab she finds Reese to be “gorgeous,” despite what skeptics think of their relationship.

Reese and Russi recently talked about their almost 30 year age gap in an interview on This Morning with Phillip & Holly, where the 54-year-old former child star gave TMI about the couple’s bedroom activity.

“I do have a bit higher sex drive — I’ve always been a highly-driven sexual guy. I know I don’t look like it, but I am,” Reese told the U.K. talk show.

The former child star dished that he gets it on with his girlfriend in the bedroom “twice a week,” although he admitted he would prefer it to be three times a week. Reese also defended his younger girlfriend against critics who call her a “sugar baby.” While he admitted that he takes Russi out to nice dinners and buys her jewelry, the actor made it clear that she never asks him for money for her rent or other expenses.

“Now, in the morning when she wants to go out and get some coffee, do I give her a couple bucks? Sure. But I don’t think that necessarily falls into the category of a sugar baby. I think I’m just a nice boyfriend.”

Mason Reese was one of the biggest child stars of 1970s TV. MeTV notes that Reese appeared in more than 75 television commercials, and earned seven Clio Awards as advertisers couldn’t get enough of the “precocious, shaggy-haired kid with the congested voice.” By the time he was 7-years-old, Reese had already written his memoir, and he was a frequent co-host of The Mike Douglas Show in the mid-1970s.

You can see one of Mason Reese’s most memorable 1970s TV commercials below.