Gisele Bündchen Shares Stunning Bikini Shot On Instagram

Gisele poses for a photo at the Met Gala.
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It’s been a week since Gisele Bündchen last posted on Instagram, but earlier today, she delighted fans with a hot new snapshot.

As fans know, Gisele is one of the most well-known models in the industry, and she has a huge following on social media with over 15 million fans on Instagram alone. While Gisele shares glimpses into her life with husband Tom Brady and their two kids from time to time, she doesn’t post on the platform too often. But earlier today, Gisele returned from her one-week hiatus from the forum with a hot new post.

In the image, the bombshell appears on a beach where the water meets the sand. Her back faces the camera as the sun is beginning to set just in front of her. While clad in a skimpy, black bikini, the mother of two raises both of her hands up in the air and puts them together in a praying position. She wears her long, blonde tresses down and at her back, and it appears as though the model is meditating as she shared a lengthy caption about setting time aside for yourself every day.

Within just moments of the post going live, it’s earned Gisele plenty of attention from loyal followers with over 181,000 likes in addition to 1,400-plus comments. While some took to the post to let Gisele know that she looks amazing, countless others commented on her lengthy message. A few others simply chimed in with heart emoji to express their love for the photo.

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Imagine se nos recarregássemos com a mesma frequência que recarregamos nossos celulares? Muitas vezes só percebemos que estamos cansados quando ficamos completamente esgotados – mentalmente, emocionalmente e fisicamente. Eu definitivamente não me sinto bem quando estou assim, e é por isso que tento achar um tempinho para me recarregar todos os dias, seja meditando, rezando, dando um passeio na natureza, apreciando o nascer do sol ou mesmo apenas respirando profundamente. Acredito que seríamos muito mais felizes se tirássemos um tempinho e recarregássemos nossas baterias todos os dias. O que recarrega tuas baterias? O que te reconecta contigo mesmo e te traz paz?✨????????‍♀✨???? Imagine if we recharged as often as we recharge our phones? Most of the time we don’t realize we are burned out until we are completely drained – mentally, emotionally, and physically. It definitely doesn’t feel good when I'm like this, and that's why I try to find time to recharge every day, whether meditating, praying, taking a walk in nature, enjoying the sunrise or even just taking a moment to breath deeply. I think we would be much happier if we took a little time to recharge our batteries everyday. What recharges your batteries? What helps you to reconnect to yourself and bring you peace?

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“You are my inspiration!,” one follower wrote with a heart, crown, and flame emoji.

“Be alone, far from people, preferably in nature,” another Instagrammer suggested.

“It’s very beautiful photo,” another wrote with a red heart emoji.

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Pare um pouco, silencie sua mente e escute seu coração. Permita-se esse tempo de conexão, ele é essencial. Embora não possamos mudar o que já passou, podemos sempre aprender e transformar todas experiências em lições para o nosso crescimento. Reflita sobre onde você tem focado sua energia, seus objetivos. O que você quer criar? Que experiências quer viver? Lembre-se, onde você focar sua energia é onde irá colher resultados. Escolha pessoas, lugares e livros que lhe inspirem, que lhe façam bem. Acredite em você e no seu poder de cocriar sua realidade! #eclipsesolar #luanova ✨???????? Stop for a moment, silence your mind and listen to your heart. Allow yourself this time of connection, it is essential. While we cannot change what has already happened, we can always learn and transform all experiences into lessons for our growth. Reflect on where you have been focusing your energy, what are your goals. What do you want to create? What experiences do you want to live? Remember, where you focus your energy is where you will reap results. Choose people, places and books that inspire you, that do you good. Believe in yourself and in your power to co-create your reality! #solareclipse #newmoon

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It’s easy to see that fitness and meditation are very important to the Gisele. The 38-year-old recently opened up to Good Morning America about her life and the struggles that she has faced in her marriage. In the tell-all, the model shared how she rose up from “rock bottom” in her marriage to Brady and even compared the time in her life to a mountain and valley. Since she’s a visual person, that’s the best way to verbalize it, she shared.

“Both of them are incredibly important, because from the mountaintop you can have a broader view of what’s happening.”

“You can see things from the top. There’s a lot of sun on the mountaintop… which is being on top of my career,” she continued. “And then the valley is… you know, is the quieter place. It’s the families, the home. It’s where you do the work that doesn’t get seen, but it’s so important.”

Fans can follow all of Gisele’s adventures on her Instagram page.