Kylie Jenner’s ‘Fake’ Bikini Pics Slammed: ‘Yeah We All Saw The Real Pictures Last Week’

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Kylie Jenner is getting slammed. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star’s July 4 Instagram stories didn’t take long to make The Daily Mail‘s headlines – Kylie and her aqua-blue bikini were front-page news within hours of the 21-year-old posting.

Kylie had opted for some selfie footage to showcase her sizzling bikini body. Still shots of Kylie’s indoor video are now finding themselves probed – and big time. The Daily Mail‘s comments section has users from across the globe accusing the makeup mogul of not being natural. And, while a fair few comments appeared unnecessarily cruel, there’s no denying that a pattern was forming in the comments section’s overall opinion.

“So much Photoshopping by these sisters!!! You see the difference when the photos are not from their organization,” was one comment, which received over 220 upvotes.

That user’s thoughts seemed to be echoed by other commenters.

“Fake face, fake butt, fake boobs, fake lips, fake everything,” was another somewhat harsh comment.

Nonetheless, that comment, too, proved popular, racking up over 120 upvotes.

“Yeah. We all saw the real pictures last week,” one user wrote.

These words likely pertain to paparazzi pictures of a very makeup-free Kylie taken during a recent outing to the dentist. As The Inquisitr reported towards the end of June, Kylie had shown her natural beauty in street snaps, but her somewhat puffy face was noted – Kylie looked “unrecognizable,” per The Inquisitr.

While the user may have gotten the date wrong (or perhaps was referring to different images), it appears their opinion was pointing towards agreement with other users.

“Just more photoshopped and filtered stuff. Kylie, we know what you look like because of the paparazzi pics,” was a popular response to yesterday’s bikini snap.

Elsewhere, the youngest Kardashian-Jenner found herself probed over a”weird” waistline – a fair few users mentioned Kylie’s “hips.” This one has likely gotten tiresome for Kylie’s die-hard fans. The mother’s super-curvaceous hips are definitely headline-makers, but most fans would argue they’re a result of genetics. The hourglass silhouette does, after all, run in the family. Kylie’s sister Kim Kardashian is known for her curvy rear and hips. As are Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, and Kendall Jenner.

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Unfortunately for Kylie, the word “fake” was used as a repeated reaction to the recent update. Whether via accusations of plastic surgery or digital editing, it seemed that users were out to question the reality of what they were seeing. That said, not all comments were slamming. Kylie’s beauty was pointed out by several fans using the word “wow.” Their comments, though, did not receive many upvotes.

Kylie has always vehemently denied going under the knife. She has only admitted to receiving lip injections.