Angelina Jolie's 'Skeletal' Frame Sparks Global Concern: 'She Needs To Eat'

Angelina Jolie has her fans worried. The Lara Croft: Tomb Raider actress has been spotted in Beverly Hills, California – photos obtained by The Daily Mail yesterday showed the 44-year-old out and about. The mother of six was showcasing her slender frame in loose clothing – while Angelina has appeared thinner in the past, the photos seem to have prompted major concern.

Angelina was photographed wearing her signature understated look. The star's sleeveless dress was lightweight, floor-length, and simple. Likewise low-key were simple shades accessorizing the gown. The brunette did not seem to be wearing any makeup – Angelina flies the flag for natural beauty. As The Daily Mail reports, Angelina appeared to be alone. This famous celebrity mother is often snapped with her brood of six, but they hadn't joined her on this particular outing.

Individuals from across the globe left their thoughts in the newspaper's comments section. While some cruel jabs were made, a strong sense of worry over the actress' weight also seemed to be manifesting.

A user appearing to be based in Los Angeles, California left their thoughts.

"She wears these voluminous dresses to hide how skeletal she is but they only make her look more deathlike," they wrote.

While recent paparazzi photos (seen above) have shown Angelina fighting fit on-set, it would seem that the American's thoughts were echoed by other concerned individuals. A user appearing to post from Australia seemed worried.

"She needs to eat," they wrote.

"She needs to take care of her health," came from a Bulgarian individual.

Other users made references to a skeleton-like frame and called the superstar "too thin."

Angelina's weight has been a headline-maker for a while. The actress sparked worry last year, per Hollywood Life. The media outlet had reported a plummeting weight amid her divorce troubles – Angelina was married to actor Brad Pitt.

Angelina has also worried her fans with weight loss that manifested for other reasons. Following the discovery that she is a carrier of the deadly BRCA1 cancer gene, the actress underwent a double mastectomy and had her ovaries removed. The surgeries seemed to see Angelina lose weight.

Most fans would agree that Angelina has bounced back from her skinniest days. That said, this Hollywood starlet was once somewhat heavier. The sensational curves seen in Angelina's Lara Croft: Tomb Raider days are no more.

A user appearing to be based in South Korea mentioned Angelina using clothing to "shield" her frame. Clearly, it would seem that concern for this much-loved actress spans across the world. Fans are likely wishing Angelina all the best.