Ayesha Curry Shows Off Legs In Tiny Daisy Dukes

Emma McIntyreGetty Images

While Ayesha Curry’s husband Stephen Curry has been busy over the past month playing in the NBA Finals with the Golden State Warriors, Ayesha herself has had her schedule full as well. She’s been busy working on her culinary empire, including her latest show, Family Food Fight. Curry got her start in the culinary world as a blogger and eventually started her own YouTube channel, released her own cookbook The Seasoned Life, briefly starred in her own cooking show, and much more. She has her own line of cooking ware and is also a successful restaurateur. Simply put, the woman is obsessed with food and has built her business around her passion.

Ayesha recently took to Instagram to share an outfit she wore while doing press for Family Food Fight. The show is a lot different than her own cooking show, where she simply gathered with friends and family and created her recipes on camera. While Ayesha will appear on the show as the host and one of the judges, the show features teams competing with their own beloved family recipes. It seems like a perfect fit for the family-focused foodie. She will be joined on screen by Cat Cora and Graham Elliot, both chefs and restaurateurs with many successes under their belt.

In the photo she shared, Ayesha is rocking a pair of white daisy dukes so short you can hardly see them underneath the plaid shirt tied around her waist. She finished the look with an off the shoulder black and white tee, a pair of fierce boots, and some neon green socks for a pop of color. The overall look, as Ayesha describes it, is definitely “grungy” — in a good way.

Ayesha is truly a style chameleon. In some pictures, she’s rocking a full glam look, like a cocktail dress. In others, she’s the queen of street style, wearing jeans and sweaters and more casual accessories. She truly seems to have an outfit for every occasion — press days included.

She’s clearly passionate about the new show, which she’s also an executive producer on, and briefly spoke with USA Today about the project.

“It’s just this big melting pot of diversity and I think it’s a perfect representation of what America truly is… the show is multi-generational, everything from brothers and sisters-in-law to a mom and her daughters to a mom and her sons, so many different combinations of what families look like.”

She also shared how she loves cooking with her daughters at home, and even revealed the dish that husband Stephen Curry cooks for her — a 5-ingredient pasta that’s his specialty.