Alessandra Ambrosio Channels Greek Goddess In Sexy Two-Piece

Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio has been on a Greek vacation the past day or two. The Brazilian bombshell has shared pictures of the scenery, an octopus, and of course, plenty of herself in swimsuits. Likewise, her recent location of Santorini, Greece, is definitely stunning.

Ambrosio's latest shot showcases her physique and her beautiful surroundings all at the same time. In the picture, she's lounging on what looks like a little balcony or patio ledge, feeling the morning sun on her skin. She's flaunting her toned, tanned physique in a skimpy two-piece nude swimsuit, and has topped it off with a casual white cover-up that lends her major Greek goddess vibes. With her face turned up to the sun and sunglasses on, she looks utterly relaxed.

In the background, you can see Santorini's stunning structures and the unique vibe that the location has.

The particular swimsuit she's wearing looks a lot like a recent one showcased on the Instagram page of GAL Floripa, a swimwear brand made in Brazil that Ambrosio co-founded. While she hasn't referenced the company in any of the captions of her Grecian vacation, given that the tag line of GAL Florida on Instagram is "awake your goddess within," we wouldn't be surprised if she was in Santorini shooting a campaign of some kind.

In March, Ambrosio chatted with People about the swimwear line she worked hard to create with her best friend and her sister.
"It was so much fun to create the collection. We chose our favorite cuts for the swimwear and from there chose colors and fabrics. We chose comfortable fabrics that had a little bit of shimmer and they're a little bit iridescent. We have four different types of bottoms and five different types of tops that you can kind of mix and match and just whatever makes your body feel comfortable and gives the nice shape that you're looking for."
While Ambrosio looks stunning in just about any piece of clothing she wears, she also had a message for all the women out there. As she told People in the same interview, "we all have different shapes and need to embrace that"
"We need to love who we are because that's all we have anyway."
Ambrosio has spent a lot of time in swimwear over the years thanks to the various brands she's worked with, so her creating a line seems like a natural fit. For the time being, she's only sharing Santorini selfies, but perhaps soon GAL Floripa will release a new campaign filled with stunning shots of Ambrosio in Santorini.