Ilhan Omar Laughs At Donald Trump, Compares Him To A Child

Win McNameeGetty Images

During an interview with CNN broadcast on Saturday, Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar laughed at President Donald Trump, comparing him to a child, Mediaite reports.

Omar and host Van Jones were discussing the president’s attempt to backtrack on saying that he would accept damaging information about a political opponent, even if it came from a foreign adversary, and Omar said the following.

“It reminded me like when your child is in trouble and then you know they’re trying to get out of that trouble and then they get themselves in more trouble.”

The representative described Trump’s comment as “one of the most un-American things you could say.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the president made the controversial remark during an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos.

Discussing the prospect of foreign election meddling, Trump — who has been accused of collaborating with the Russian government to win against Hillary Clinton — not only said that he would likely accept dirt about a political opponent from a foreign entity but also suggested that he would not report the interaction to authorities.

His comments were controversial enough to prompt bipartisan criticism. Reacting to a strong backlash, Trump took to Twitter to justify his remarks by comparing election meddling to diplomacy, suggesting that nearly all of his interactions with foreign diplomats could be interpreted as a form of election meddling by the standard that is being applied to the comments he had made during the ABC News interview.

In another attempt to clarify his comments, the president went on Fox News, offering a completely different explanation. Asked what he would do if offered intelligence by a hostile foreign power, Trump said, “of course you have to look at it” in order to “know if it’s bad.” After reviewing the information, the commander-in-chief explained he would decide whether to tell the FBI about it or not.

“If I thought anything was incorrect or badly stated I’d report to the FBI or law enforcement, absolutely. Of course you give it to the FBI or report it to the attorney general,” he said.

Trump’s awkward attempts to backtrack may have made Ilhan Omar laugh, but the Congresswoman’s prior interactions with the president have been all but pleasant. In April, Trump posted to his Twitter page a video montage of Omar speaking as the World Trade Center towers crash in an apparent attempt to link the Muslim congresswoman to terrorism.

As The Daily Beast reported, this caused death threats against Omar to surge, with hundreds of social media users publicly threatening the Minnesota representative.