Hannah Palmer’s ‘Who Wants A Bang’ Video Is Knocking Instagram Sideways

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Hannah Palmer is the Arizona-based sensation who’s fast making a name for herself on Instagram. This blond bombshell offers Barbie-like beauty, killer curves, and a June 9 Instagram update that’s knocking her fans sideways.

Today’s update comes in video form. This curvaceous sensation has been shot at the beach. While fine sands and the ocean breezes set quite the atmosphere, it’s the girl taking up the foreground that’s making this update stand out. Hannah is flaunting her curves in a tiny black swimsuit, and it isn’t leaving much to the imagination.

The tight one-piece is cut-out, cleavage-flaunting, and thonged. That said, Hannah herself isn’t featuring raunchiness on an overly risqué level. While she has been filmed kneeling, pouting, and tugging at her bathing suit, her signature innocence is still there. Hannah is gazing into the lens with as much girliness as confidence, although her clever caption could be left open to interpretation.

Hannah has referenced her Bang Energy drink in her caption. The beverage is what Hannah’s update is revolving around, although many fans might argue that Hannah is the focal point. The video doesn’t open up with the product, but Hannah is seen sipping it. The camera does also briefly move away from showcasing Palmer’s spilling cleavage and peachy rear to show viewers footage of the beverage in the sand.

Fans are going nuts.

“NOW I DO,” one fan replied.

Clearly, they’re wanting a “bang.”

One fan seemed to have found Palmer’s update a hazard.

“Just so everybody knows I almost just crashed my car watching this video,” they wrote.

Indeed, Hannah is proving quite the distraction. From her super-toned limbs and captivating gaze, to her ample cleavage, Hannah has drawn in the viewer. She also seems to have nailed promoting Bang Energy. The brand has likely selected its spokesperson carefully. While Instagram models willing to collaborate with companies are a dime a dozen, the selection process is the brand’s decision. Clearly, Hannah out-ranked other candidates for this beverage giant.

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cherry bomb????❤️

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Hannah has 709,000 followers. While she has yet to reach a following on Playboy models Lindsey Pelas or Sara Underwood’s levels, Palmer is fast climbing the ranks. Her potential as an influencer has also been picked up on by KO Watches; Hannah’s bio points toward representing both Bang Energy and KO Watches.

Today’s video had racked up over 78,000 views within three hours of being posted, and over 530 comments were left. Fans wishing to see more of Hannah should follow her Instagram.