Gabrielle Union Flaunts Her Amazing Physique In A Skimpy Bikini During Island-Hopping Vacation In Greece

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Gabrielle Union is giving her fans a glimpse of the beautiful sights on her tropical vacation — and an eyeful of the actress’s incredible physique.

Union took to Instagram on Sunday morning to share a picture of herself rocking a revealing bikini as she stood atop a boat on Hydra Island, Greece. The pictures were a huge hit with her followers, garnering nearly a thousand likes a minute and attracting plenty of comments complimenting her incredible physique.

“I love your body and how healthy it looks!” one person complimented the actress.

“Beautiful inside and out,” another wrote.

Gabrielle Union and her husband could have more time to go on tropical vacations and island hop in Greece. Her hubby, NBA star Dwyane Wade, retired at the end of the NBA season and for the first time in nearly 20 years will get to enjoy a summer without conditioning or workouts.

Gabrielle might use that time to help him adjust to life after the NBA. In a recent interview, Gabrielle shared that Wade missed out on a lot of “regular people” experiences during his time in the NBA, including trips to the car wash and buying clothes.

During the appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Union explained that Wade seemed perplexed at these seemingly normal activities and needs a bit of an adjustment back to everyday life.

“He has no idea how much milk costs,” she joked, via CBS Sports. “He’s like, ‘What is that, about 20 dollars?’ I’m like, ‘What kind of goat’s blood milk are you drinking?’ No! It’s… like what?”

While island hopping on a tropical vacation in Greece may not exactly be a normal activity, it’s also likely a chance for Wade to relax and enjoy himself after 16 NBA seasons — and for Gabrielle to show off the physique she has worked so hard to attain. While Wade has kept himself in fantastic shape over the course of his basketball career, his wife is putting in plenty of work to maintain her own amazing figure.

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Union has gotten attention for her seemingly ageless good looks, and it’s no coincidence. As Livestrong noted, the 46-year-old works with a nutritionist to craft a perfectly balanced diet that cuts out things like dairy, alcohol, gluten, and caffeine. She also adheres to a famously strict workout regimen, making sure to build in time during her schedule for high-intensity activity even if she can’t make it to the gym.