Sofia Richie Wears Wet T-Shirt After Getting Caught In The Rain

Sofia Richie wasn't prepared to get caught in the rain during her shopping trip on Wednesday. The model was photographed trying to shield herself from the blustery weather during an outing with a friend this week.

According to The Daily Mail, Sofia Richie was shopping in Malibu when a rainstorm hit and took her by surprise. Richie was seen wearing a plain white T-shirt, cream-colored jeans, and white strappy sandals. She also had a long, red sweater, which she used to try and keep the rain off of her.

However, the sweater didn't do the trick. Sofia was later seen carrying her shopping bags with damp hair and a wet T-shirt as she strolled through Malibu with her girlfriend.

The model had her blonde hair parted to the side and styled in straight strands which fell over her shoulders and down her back. She sported a full face of makeup, which included darkened brows, a bronzed glow, and a nude lip.

According to Life & Style, after she completed her shopping trip, Sofia took to her Instagram story to share a photo of herself looking disheveled with messy hair after her time in the rain, sarcastically telling her followers that the experience was "super cool."

As many fans already know, Sofia Richie currently dates Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy, Scott Disick. The couple have been together for about two years and are seemingly very serious.

The pair are often seen spending time together alone and with Scott's three children, Mason, Penelope, and Reign. They also spend time with Kourtney during family outings, but Richie reportedly doesn't mind.

"Sofia is 100 percent fine with Scott and Kourtney's relationship. They have no issues and all get along. Sofia doesn't care about the 'soulmate' thing. It was made out to be bigger than what it was on the show," an insider told Us Weekly last month.

Kourtney and Scott have worked hard to build a respectful co-parenting relationship together, and Sofia is said to be totally on board with the pair doing whatever it takes to keep their kids happy.

"The two of them will always be connected through the three kids, but at this time there's no romantic connection. They're simply two people that care for each other and for the family that they're raising together," the source added of Kourtney and Scott's co-parenting relationship.

Meanwhile, fans can see more of Sofia Richie by following the model on Instagram.