Dove Cameron Wears Impossibly Tight Leggings, Poses On Car In Giggling Video

Nicki Minaj may front Mercedes-Benz, but she isn't the only celebrity being snapped up by automotive giants. Dove Cameron has taken to Instagram to pose on her Fiat – the picture's "paid partnership" and "#ad" labels point towards what appears to be the actress' latest promotion. The video is eye-catching, light-hearted, and it's showing the Descendants star at her best.

The 23-year-old is seen rocking her signature long blonde hair as she poses on a black Fiat. Matching the vehicle is Dove's outfit – her leggings and cut-out top are all-black, although her Nike sneakers throw in some whites. While the video is about the car, fans would likely disagree. Dove's sportswear is as tight as it is stylish, and it isn't holding back on showing the actress' athleticism.

Reclining on the car, Dove is seen throwing her hair back, scrunching her face into a giggle, and throwing out her Hollywood smile. She does briefly speak into the camera, but the video comes with no sound. Instead, fans have a caption – Dove has explained that her photos were "blurry." Her solution was to post a video. Dove has, however, called the footage a "cringey video." She then thanked Fiat for what is "by far my favorite car i've ever driven."

"Wanna go shopping with u in this car."

"@derekscobedoo beep beep i'm outside," she wrote.

Cameron's vehicle video had racked up over 277,000 views within 50 minutes of being posted. Dove has 25 million Instagram followers. She is followed by major celebrity faces including Ariana Grande, Bella Thorne, and Modern Family's Sarah Hyland.