Christie Brinkley, 65, Shows Off Age-Defying Body In String Bikini

Supermodel Christie Brinkley showed off her age-defying body in several Instagram posts on Monday. In the photos, Brinkley, 65, rocked a string bikini like she was 25-years-old.

While partially in the water, the famous model lay on the beach with her head tossed back smiling in the warm sun. Brinkley captioned the photo by saying she was out for an early morning swim with the fish and pelicans.

The model posted several pictures of her perfect getaway, and her daughters, Alexa Ray Joel, 33, and Sailor Brinkley Cook, 20, also kept followers updated on their adventure through Instagram.

Brinkley has credited her looks to her fitness routine and strict vegetarian diet. She also has an intensive skincare routine that includes Xeomin, an injectable similar to Botox that temporarily removes frown lines between eyebrows, and Ultherapy, which is reportedly a skin-lifting therapy for problem areas on the neck and lower neckline.

Brinkley discussed the two noninvasive procedures in an interview with People magazine in 2017.

"I wondered if people would think I'm phony and fake," she said. "But it's better to be honest and say, 'Yeah, this is what I do.'"

She said looking different was never a goal for her.

"But I'm almost 64. At a certain point, you might need a little something extra. When I look in the mirror, I want to feel like I look as good as I feel. And if you can have something done to feel more confident and better about yourself, then you feel like your face matches your spirit — and my spirit is enthusiastic and energetic."
As far as keeping her bikini body, Brinkley, who is a Total Gym spokesperson, said that she likes to mix things up. In an interview with Shape magazine in 2017, the former Sports Illustrated model said that the only constant in her life was her Total Gym. She said she liked using it because it kept her from getting injured. She said she works out on the gym for about 15 minutes a day targeting her abs, arms, and upper and lower body. She also enjoys kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, surfing, rafting and running on the beach.

As far as her diet goes, the celebrity told Hollywood Life in January that her diet was like a rainbow that included lots of colorful fruits and nuts. As a vegetarian since she was 13, the model also incorporates lentils, quinoa, and plenty of vegetables in her diet.