Fran Summers Dons Bikini Top & Lace-up Pants On Instagram

Slaven VlasicGetty Images

Fran Summers was featured in a new Instagram post by British Vogue, and she looked as great as ever. The model was spotted in an outdoorsy shot, as she wore a black bikini top and lace-up pants. It was tan and had fringe details at the bottom. She sat with her arms crossed and resting on her knees, as she looked at the camera and gave a slight pout. She wore a hat slung over her back, and green foliage was visible behind her. Fran’s hair was worn down for a casual yet chic look.

Meanwhile, Summers is busy sharing her own posts with Instagram fans. Her newest post is another sneak peek at her cover story photo shoot. This time, she was spotted lying down in shallow waters while wearing an orange one-piece swimsuit. Fran propped herself up with her right arm, and wore a tan hat. Fans can hope for more sneak peeks, or head to the newsstands to grab the magazine in person.

But not everything is too serious with Summers, as she shared a playful Instagram selfie yesterday. It showed her going makeup free while brushing her teeth. She took the photo in a mirror, and also wore a towel around her head. Plus, she wore a comfortable green T-shirt for the shot.

And that’s not to mention some more sneak peek previews that Fran gave her fans three days ago. The photos that she posted to her Instagram account showed a completely different side of her, as the photos were staged in a city. Instead of wearing swimwear in nature, Summers was spotted in chic outfits like a white dress with a bright red handbag.

This is some of what Summers shared with Vogue during the interview.

“I first read The Lonely City by Olivia Laing two years ago and have maybe read it three times since. Obviously everyone loves Olivia Laing, and it’s about artists and their experience of loneliness in New York. It’s kind of mental because I remember the first time I went there for work, I was staying on my own, and, it can be sooo lonely in New York…. Olivia Lang explains loneliness as feeling as cold as ice but as clear as glass, and it’s enclosing and engulfing. I remember reading that and it hit me so hard because I didn’t think anyone else experienced it in the same way I did.”