Thomas Markle’s Ex-Wife Says Duchess Meghan Shouldn’t Let Her ‘Awful Father’ See Baby Archie

Dominic LipinskiGetty Images

An unexpected resource has surfaced in support of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, urging the couple to keep baby Archie Harrison away from Thomas Markle, the father of the Duchess of Sussex. Roslyn Markle, the first wife of Thomas Markle, and mother of Meghan’s half-sister, Samantha, is calling the former Hollywood lighting expert an “awful father.”

After staying quiet since the news broke that Meghan Markle was dating Prince Harry, Roslyn Markle has now broken her silence in support of the Duchess of Sussex and newborn Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, says Express.

Roslyn, the mother of Thomas Markle’s oldest children, Samantha and Thomas Jr., was married to Duchess Meghan’s father between 1964 and 1975, before he was married to Doria Ragland. Roslyn Markle calls her former husband “abusive,” claims he cheated on her and “starved her of cash.”

Ms. Markle, whose claims that Tom Markle was a horrible father lead her to believe that he would be an equally terrible grandfather, says she urges the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to steer clear of Meghan’s father.

“Knowing Tom as I do, Meghan would be a fool to have him in her life. While he portrays himself as a loving father, he was anything but to our two children during our marriage. It may sound clichéd but a leopard does not change its spots. Repeatedly he has shown to Meghan he cannot be trusted. She must know that now. I speak not out of bitterness, my life moved on many years ago, but out of concern.”

Roslyn Markle says she believes that Archie deserves to be raised in a happy home and not exposed to the “vengeful situation” created by Thomas Markle and family.

The Daily Mail says that Roslyn Markle now lives in New Mexico, and has a new life, but expresses concern for baby Archie and his parents. She warns Duchess Meghan that her father has never met two of his grandchildren, ages 32 and 34, and has had limited exposure to his youngest granddaughter, Noel Rasmussen, 21, whom he has only met in person three times.

Ironically, for all of Samantha Markle’s bluster, according to Roslyn Markle, it’s two of her [Samantha’s] children who have never met their grandfather, Thomas Markle.

Roslyn Markle says that while her former husband was never physically violent, he would go on “foul-mouthed tirades.”

“He would scream, “f*** you”, “f*** off,” “leave me the f*** alone”, or “get the f*** out of here”. Everything was f***. He called me a f****** c*** a lot.”