Sex Toy Manufacturer Gets Award Back From CES

David BeckerGetty Images

In one of the major controversies at the International CES electronics show in January, a sex toy product for women was presented with an innovation award, which was later rescinded.

Now, four months later, the company has had its award restored.

Per The Inquisitr, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the organization that produces each year’s CES, gave one of its Innovation Awards to the Ose, a sex toy product produced by a company called Lora DiCarlo. The Innovation Awards, which are announced in the fall prior to the January show, went to 30 products and winning the award meant that the products received an exhibition slot at the show itself.

However, CTA, weeks after the presentation, rescinded the award, citing laws that gave them the power to exclude products that it deems to be “immoral, obscene, indecent, profane, or not in keeping with CTA’s image.”

This week, CTA gave Lora DiCarlo and Ose back the award, the organization announced in a statement. It also apologized for its handling of the incident.

“CTA is pleased to present Lora DiCarlo with a CES 2019 Innovation Award,” Jean Foster, CTA’s senior vice president of marketing and communications, said in the statement. “CTA did not handle this award properly. This prompted some important conversations internally and with external advisors and we look forward to taking these learnings to continue to improve the show.”

CTA went on to say that it will “share related policy updates” heading into next January’s 2020 CES, indicating that future CES editions and competitions will be more open to sex-related technology.

Laura Haddock, the CEO of Lora DiCarlo, had been outspoken about what she saw as unfairness in CTA pulling the award. But in the statement, she thanked them for changing their tune.

“We are hopeful that our small company can continue to contribute meaningful progress toward making CES inclusive for all,” Haddock said.

International CES, for many years, was held in Las Vegas at the same time as the annual AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, which at one point was even a part of CES. However, the two events have been held on separate weeks since 2012, per The Las Vegas Sun.

The award also shows that the definition of consumer technology has changed over the years. The winner of the overall Best of CES award this year, for instance, was not a TV or pair of headphones or anything else electronics- it was the Impossible Burger, the shockingly realistic meatless hamburger, per Forbes.