Great-Grandmother Arrested For Possession Of CBD Oil Outside Of Magic Kingdom In Walt Disney World

Danny Cox

A number of people use CBD oil for certain medical issues and treatment, which reportedly works better than many types of other medication. Despite the legalization of the product coming about around the United States, it isn’t entirely legal everywhere. One great-grandmother from North Carolina found that out after being arrested outside of Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World when found to be in possession of her CBD oil.

Fox 35 stated that 69-year-old Hester Burkhalter was visiting Walt Disney World recently and headed to the Magic Kingdom. She was going through the security checkpoint at the Transportation & Ticket Center when all of the trouble started, and it was nothing that she ever could have expected.

Disney security found a bottle of CBD oil in her purse during bag inspection, and she was questioned about it. Burkhalter said that she had a note from her doctor in North Carolina stating it was recommended for her due to her arthritis, which affects her legs, arms, and shoulder.

Florida deputies on the scene came over to Burkhalter at the security checkpoint and arrested her for being in possession of the CBD oil. She told them about her doctor’s note and presented the bottle to them which states it contains 0 mg of THC, which is the ingredient in marijuana which gets people high.

An Orange County Sheriff’s Office deputy wrote in the arrest report, though, that he tested the CBD oil and it came back positive for THC. Burkhalter was handcuffed and ended up being taken away from Walt Disney World and straight to jail.

After being taken away by the deputies, Burkhalter spent a total of 12 hours in jail before posting bail and getting out.

As reported by WJCT, a hemp bill was passed in the state of Florida back in early March, but it has not yet been signed in as a law. That being said, CBD products are still illegal in the sunshine state despite being legalized at a federal level.

If a person does have a prescription for CBD oil written by a doctor, they are allowed to have them in their possession. The great-grandmother at Walt Disney World reportedly only had a recommendation note from her doctor and not a prescription.

Cap. Carlos Torres of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said that his deputy was simply following the law and doing his job. The charges against Burkhalter ended up being dropped, and she was no longer charged with the felony of possessing CBD oil in the state of Florida. The great-grandmother said that her family had saved for two years for the trip to Walt Disney World, and this was the last thing she expected.