Gun-Toting Kristen Strout Tugs At Army Top, Flaunts Major Army-Girl Cleavage On Instagram

Kristen StroutInstagram

A gun-toting snapshot isn’t the standard fare offered up by most Instagram models. Kristen Strout is filling the gap in the market.

On April 29, the Tennessee-based model and promo girl updated her Instagram feed. Standing in a field, dressed head-to-toe in army fatigues, Kristen is throwing out the shot she personally feels is “me,” per her caption. Army vibes and the great outdoors might form a tomboyish setting for this update, but it also isn’t falling short on the cleavage front.

Kristen’s camouflage outfit consists of heavy cargo pants paired with a matching crop top. Conservative as the pants may be, the same cannot be said for the outfit’s top half. This tiny top is inching its way towards bra territory, and the material is being tugged at. Eye-popping cleavage is the result of the model’s efforts, although this is likely the intention. Kristen’s Instagram bio advertises her status as a “bikini” model, although it equally points towards her love of cars, country music, and tattoos. Ink on her torso and arms reinforces the claims made in her bio. Today’s update might not showcase any beats, but it’s channeling the all-American girl like nobody’s business.

While Kristen’s left hand is busy drawing attention to her chest, her right one is holding a gun. Fans appear to be digging both. One had a specific question, per their comment.

“What type of gun is it?”

Today’s update also sees Strout called “smoking hot” and “very beautiful” in the comments section. Flattery on this level might be commonplace for Instagram models, but this influencer appears to attract a very specific fanbase. With her cowboy hats, plaid shirts, and denims, Kristen is a glamorous girl with a rustic edge.

Regardless of the setting, however, followers of Kristen’s account can expect to see plenty of skin — and plenty of cars. This girl’s love of vehicles has even landed her a feature with Spekture. The magazine asked Kristen about cars – and, as it turns out, she knows her stuff. “I actually know quite a bit,” she said, adding, “like I said I was a tomboy growing up and I have loved cars since I was young. My dad taught me all the basics and I have learned a lot more along the way because of my passion for cars.”

Kristen also admitting to disliking photo shoots. However, “getting the photos back after” makes it all worth it for her. For anyone into army looks and a busty blonde toting a gun, Kristen’s most recent update is likely ticking a lot of boxes.