'Playboy' Model Lindsey Pelas Shows Off Curvaceous Booty In Skintight Leggings

Kelly Butler

Playboy bombshell Lindsey Pelas has been treating her fans to some seriously sexy snaps of herself this week, and on Saturday, the model shared a post that was sure to delight her 8.8 million followers even more. Pelas took to Instagram to show off her curvaceous backside in a pair of skintight, black leggings, and her fans went wild for the shot.

Before heading out on an exciting bike ride, Pelas stopped to take a photo of herself in the body-hugging athletic gear. Though she shared that she loves being "glam," she also enjoys kicking back in her casual clothes. She revealed that she's been lounging by the beach and listening to inspiring podcasts, giving herself a break from her hectic schedule to focus on her body and mind.

Pelas paired the sexy bottoms with a tight, longsleeved jacket in black. As she arched her back for the photo, fans caught a glimpse of the backside of her curvy body. She pulled her honey-colored hair back in a low, on-trend ponytail, and topped the look off with a baseball cap.

This week alone, Pelas has been showing off several, sexy sides of herself. Yesterday, the Esquire model wowed her fans with a shot of herself in a skimp, black bikini that she shared to Instagram. She wore a denim coverup -- though she left it open and pulled the sleeves down to expose her shoulders -- and stood in a doorway, soaking up some sun as she flaunted her voluptuous body.

Pelas contoured her makeup to accentuate her flawless features and included some heavy-handed sweeps of blush to make her cheekbones pop. She used thick flicks of mascara to show off her emerald-colored eyes, and lined her plump pout with some hot-pink liner, filling in the look with some matte-pink gloss.

The Maxim model wore her platinum locks in a long, bouncy blowout, and tied the loose ends back in delicate pleats, keeping the tendrils away from her face. She let the curls cascade down her back as she lifted an arm, turning her body toward the camera to show off every angle of her gorgeous figure.

Fans of Pelas will be sure to keep an eye out on her social media accounts for the latest updates from the stunning model.