Brazilian Bombshell Erika Gray Goes Nude On Instagram With Only A Watermelon Wedge To Cover Up

Erika GrayInstagram

Brazilian bombshell Erika Gray is pushing the boundaries of Instagram’s no-nudity policy, posting a very revealing picture with only a small slice of watermelon to keep herself covered.

Gray took to Instagram to post the ultra-racy photo, showing herself bottomless while holding the watermelon wedge strategically to conform with the site’s strict rules against nudity. The picture was a huge hit with fans, garnering more than 14,000 likes in less than 12 hours — though Erika had disabled comments so they didn’t have a chance to share their thoughts about it.

The Brazilian model is a fast-rising star in a landscape growing increasingly filled with models from across the world. Gray now has more than 2.2 million followers, a number that is increasing quickly. She got a major boost a couple of years ago when she was highlighted in Barstool Sports for a section called “Wake Up with Erika Gray,” which helped to push her to the upper strata of Instagram models.

She has turned that attention into a career, using her Instagram page to pitch a number of brands, including Fashion Nova. Gray continues to use her page to connect with fans, pitch products, and keep her followers filled with a nearly never-ending stream of revealing pictures and images. In her latest Instagram Story, Gray showed off some products she endorses, before sharing a video of herself dancing in a car while wearing a barely-there pink bikini.

Erika Gray was not the only person pushing Instagram’s boundaries on Friday. Singer Lily Allen also took to the site to post a video of herself topless in a dressing room. As The Daily Mail noted, Allen wore only a pair of blue panties as she showed off her figure to the camera, while a friend in the background joked that the video better not show up on Instagram.

“Get banned for that, life ban,” Lily replied.

The video did end up on Instagram, but not for long. As the report noted, Allen deleted it a short time later without offering any explanation.

Erika Gray is no stranger to sharing racy pictures on her Instagram page, frequently sharing skin-baring shots and promoting swimwear and skincare brands. In one recent shot, she showed off her tight physique while wearing some very revealing black lingerie.

It’s not all risque for Gray, however, as she also uses her Instagram page to show off her travels and share messages with followers.