‘Harry Potter’ Star Bonnie Wright Models A Bikini For Her New Swim Line

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Bonnie Wright is known for playing spunky redhead Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter series. However, according to The Daily Mail, she has a star to add to her résumé: swimwear designer. The actress teamed up with eco-friendly line Fair Harbor, a company which boasts sustainable swim attire, to create her own line of bikinis and swimsuits.

The Harry Potter films netted around $6.5 billion in sales worldwide, making it the third largest franchise ever, only behind Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Wright played the character of Ginny Weasley, youngest child of the Weasley clan and love interest for Harry Potter. Now, it appears that the actress is trying to use her star power for the good of the planet.

The actress has displayed her eco-credentials before by joining Greenpeace last year to deliver a message on the ills of single-use plastic, per the Greenpeace website.

“I’m happy to stand with the more than 585,000 people who are calling on Coke to phase out its use of throwaway plastic bottles. The company has the power to take the lead and set new standards of sustainability across the industry.”

Greenpeace was specifically targeting Coca-Cola with a rally in the hopes that they could convince the soft drink behemoth to take more eco-conscious measures.

Wright similarly said that it was the effects of single-use plastic that inspired her to team up with a company that made their swimwear from recycled material, per the caption on Fair Harbor’s Instagram.

“It was seeing the growing amount of single-use plastics that litter our streets and beaches that inspired me to take action and learn how I could use my voice for change.”

All designs are made from recycled plastic bottles, and the company hopes the unusual second life of these bottles not only brings awareness to the issue but also helps with sustainability. In addition, 15 percent of proceeds from Wright’s collection will be donated to Heal the Bay, a charity that focuses on protecting California’s Santa Monica Bay.

One design was a classic red one-piece bathing suit with blue and white bubbles vertically arranged, helping elongate the body.

The second design was a navy bikini with a sports-like cut. This one had similar bubble-like circles in vertical lines, however, there were red circles in addition to the blue and white.

Wright wore this model herself and posed lying on a beach.

In addition to acting and designing swimwear, Wright is a director and made an appearance at the Tribeca Film Festival’s Director’s Lunch in 2017.

Bonne Wright at the TFF Director's Brunch in 2017
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