Farrah Abraham Dons Chain Bra Over Lacy Teddy Lingerie On Instagram

Bryan SteffyGetty Images

Farrah Abraham is keeping things rolling on her Instagram feed with tons of tantalizing photos. Her newest post shows her wearing a blue teddy lingerie piece as she sat on the edge of a jacuzzi. In addition to the teddy, Abraham wore a chain bra on top. She wore her hair in a casual bun, and looked down to her left for the photo.

In addition, Farrah’s been sharing a ton of Instagram Stories with her fans. It appears that she’s enjoying a tropical getaway somewhere, as she shared photos of herself hanging out at the edge of an infinity pool. Beyond that, you could see the blue ocean. Farrah posed for several shots, including one where she threw her hands in the air while wearing a black bikini. She was mostly submerged in the pool. Another photo was similar, except it was a closer-up image of Abraham enjoying herself. But that’s not all, as she also shared photos of appetizers and what could be an alcoholic drink that she enjoyed at the pool.

It also appears that the photo she chose for her newest update was one of her two favorite images. Abraham shared the second photo of herself in the same outfit via her stories. She sat in a hammock for the photo, and looked straight at the camera while smiling with her lips closed.

Abraham previously described her personality to Cosmopolitan.

“I tend to be a person that is tenacious, so even though things look like they’re going south or they’re going in the wrong direction, I have a positive attitude, and I try to make lemonade out of lemons,” she said.

It would seem that Farrah has those personality traits and more, as she’s amassed a large social media following and continues to pursue different passions.

“I’ve been a businesswoman my entire life. I’m a global businesswoman, lived and worked all over the world. I’ve always loved music. I used to play the oboe and the bassoon. I have a very classical musical training. Everything I do in my life I relate to a song.”

Speaking of entrepreneurship, Abraham is offering a master class right now called, “Ambition into Reality.” The link posted on her Instagram bio takes people to a signup page, but it doesn’t describe what people are signing up for. It’s a simple form, however, only requiring your name, email address, and a password.