Megan Fox’s Doppelganger, Claudia Alende, Slays In Lacy Black Bustier

David BeckerGetty Images

Claudia Alende is a 25-year-old Brazilian model that rose to fame on Instagram after people started to compare her to actress Megan Fox. It wasn’t long before she was coined with the title of being Fox’s doppelganger.

On Saturday, the brunette beauty took to her Instagram account to treat her 9.8 million followers to a captivating snapshot of herself donning a lacy black bustier. The semi-sheer lingerie top allowed Claudia to flaunt her curvaceous bosom while leaving a lot to the imagination as the photo cuts off just under her bust.

Keeping things simple in the hair department, her gorgeous long tresses flowed down her body and curled over her arms. Her eyes sparkled for the camera and she had her lips pursed just enough to show off a hint of her pearly whites.

While the model did rock thick eye make-up, a light lip color, and a little blush, she kept things light enough in the foundation department to avoid hiding the adorable freckles on her face.

Alende paired her sexy lingerie top with a thick, yellow, braided necklace that perfectly complemented her dark hair.

While the sizzling snapshot didn’t reveal much in the way of skin, it didn’t stop her massive following from showering the photo with just shy of 150,000 likes and over 900 comments.

Famous Instagram influencer Lea Elui Ginet was among one of the first to comment on Claudia’s photo.

“Stop killing ussssss,” she whined.

“Gorgeous,” “beautiful,” and “stunning,” were among some of the single-word compliments her followers used to praise her for the incredible photo.

Others – who were at a loss for words – stuck to various heart-themed emoticons.

Known for attaching snappy captions to her photos on Instagram, Alende questioned what essential oil she could use to get people to stop talking to her.

Unfortunately for the model, her followers were too mesmerized by her stunning good lucks to respond to the essential oil question.

Two days ago, the model posted a photo of herself rocking the same ensemble. The only difference is the photo showed off the entire outfit as it was snapped from a distance, with Alende sitting in a field of flowers that matched the orange in her sexy ensemble.

Still rocking the same braided necklace, it appeared to have more of an orange tone in this snapshot thanks to the field of flowers it was surrounded by.

Her full body photo accumulated just shy of 95,000 likes and over 1,200 comments.

Many of her followers took to the comments of the second photo to point out that Claudia looked “as fresh as a flower.”