Courtney Stodden Flaunts Major Cleavage In Barely-There Top For Latest Instagram Update

Michael BucknerGetty Images

Glamour model Courtney Stodden is working on her latest studio album, Courtney Rx, but that hasn’t stopped her from showing off her gorgeous physique while wearing racy outfits that drive her fans wild. Stodden took to Instagram on Saturday to flaunt a little bit of skin by wearing a revealing top and wowed her 264,000 followers with the sultry snap.

For the photo, Stodden wore a silk top in a soft, metallic-pink that featured a dramatic plunging neckline. Her ample cleavage was on full display, and a lacy lingerie top peeked through the sexy attire. Stodden sat on the ground and pulled her legs up to her chest, giving a glimpse of her curvaceous thighs.

For accessories, Stodden chose a pair of gold, oversized earrings. Her porcelain skin was covered in flawless makeup and chose a deep rose-colored, matte gloss to emphasize her plump pout. The model wore her platinum locks in a retro set of finger-curls which spilled over her shoulders and framed her gorgeous face.

If photos of Stodden invoke the memory of Marilyn Monroe, it’s likely done on purpose. As Stodden told Buzzfeed earlier this month, she idolizes the iconic actress and even has a giant poster-sized topless portrait of Monroe in one of her living spaces, as well as several books and artifacts dedicated to the late performer. She even likened to her relationship with her ex-husband Doug Hutchison, who is infamously 35 years older than the now 24-year old Stodden, to that of Monroe and Joe DiMaggio.

Her transformation from a former teenaged bride to a model and vocal performer, Stodden says, is the kind of blossoming change that happens over time when one is trying to figure out who they truly are in this world.

“It’s almost like that Marilyn Monroe story where she’d put on her red sweater and she’d turn into this different woman, she was very sexy and sexual, and she was a kid,” Stodden said.

Stodden’s entire photo-spread on Instagram is full of images that look as if they are a homage to the spirit of Monroe. She’s consistent in posting sexy, sultry photos of herself wearing her signature, platinum blond in curls that sit shoulder length and give off major throwback vibes. Posting these types of photos and working on her new album have given Stodden the chance to break free from her former image of being a young woman in a marriage with a much older man, and she’s had the time to reflect on what that looks like, what that means to her, and what she wants for herself in the future.

“I never really had the chance to try to fix myself,” Stodden added.