Kate Beckinsale Says She's Only Had 5 Boyfriends In Her Life

Kate Beckinsale is opening up about her love life, and her comments may shock some fans of the actress. According to The Daily Mail, Kate Beckinsale recently revealed some very interesting details about her personal relationships.

The actress, who shares a daughter with actor Michael Sheen, claims that she has only ever had five boyfriends in her life. As many fans know, Kate, 45, is currently dating Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson, 25.

Beckinsale opened up about the relationship a bit, revealing that she doesn't understand why fans are so infatuated with the details of her romance with the comedian.

"I totally understand people being interested in others' lives, but I find the level of insanity that it can get to baffling. If I found myself obsessing over the life of someone I didn't know to the point where I was writing mean things about them, then my family would put me away somewhere because obviously I would've lost my mind. I just don't understand it," Kate revealed.

"I don't know much about dating because I've had five boyfriends in my whole life, so I haven't done much of it," Kate Beckinsale stated, adding that there have been some times in her life when she thought that she had fallen in love, but that she soon realized she was being "stupid," although that hasn't happened recently, according to the actress.

As for the couple's age gap, Beckinsale says that age isn't something that has ever been an issue for her in any relationship she's had, revealing that when she was 18, she lived in Italy with other actors such as Keanu Reeves and Phyllida Law, and that Law, who is actress Emma Thompson's mother, was her best friend, even though she was in her 60s at the time.

During the interview, Kate opened up about her family life as well. The actress revealed that when her fathered died when she was only 5-years-old, she was the one who discovered his body.

Beckinsale says that she went to school the next day as if nothing happened, and wasn't permitted to go to the funeral because the family didn't want her to see her grandmother upset.

Kate says that the experience would likely be handled much different these days, revealing that when a child loses a parent in this day and age, everyone says they should go to counseling.

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