Instagram Model Julianne Kissinger Wears Nothing But Rose Petals In Naked Snap

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Julianne Kissinger is probably one of the most generous Instagram models out there. She frequently updates her social media pages with extremely racy pics of herself wearing next to nothing. In fact, her massive fan base knows that they can rely on a steady stream of sexy photos from one of the most beautiful women on the planet. Kissinger did not disappoint her followers when she recently posted a nearly-nude photo on Instagram.

Kissinger is no stranger to nudity. There are dozens of nearly-naked photos of her all over the internet. But this particular image shows the brunette bombshell as she’s never been seen before. The social media star shared that the photo was taken in Bali. She said that the resort had been her favorite place to stay and said that the view was incredible.

The photo showed Kissinger sitting in an outdoor flower bath. The model stood in waist-deep water surrounded by millions of petals. Kissinger was completely nude, save for pink and red blooms which she pasted on her nipples.

Kissinger wore her hair in a side path. Her tresses cascaded down her back and shoulders as she tried to balance herself in the water. She wore a bold brow, lashings of mascara, and red lipstick to complete her look. The bikini model’s only accessory was a bangle she wore on her wrist.

Kissinger stood with her hands reaching up as she got into the bath. Concentric circles of red, purple, and orange flowers surrounded the social media influencer. In sharp contrast to the decadent bath was the splendor of the natural landscape outside. Trees, shrubs, and palm trees vied for attention in the photo’s background.

Julianne, who posts under the moniker “juli.annee” on Instagram, only shared the image an hour ago. However, it is rapidly gaining views as her fans flock to view the photo. Kissinger has 4.9 million followers who lap up the social media star’s posts. Her latest offering has already racked up over 40,000 likes and many of her fans have also commented on the snap.

One user said, “Well my view is amazing right now!! Gorgeous!!” Another admired the blooms, saying that they hope she “got [her] bifocals fixed. I mean just look at those flowers.”

However, one fan was either pushing his luck or honestly thought that he could ask Kissinger for some gardening advice.

“My flower bed never produces flowers that look that good. What am I doing wrong @juli.annee?”