February 28, 2019
Dorit Kemsley Reveals The Secret Behind Maintaining Her Killer Bikini Bod

Dorit Kemsley needs to look good in a bikini. After all, she sometimes models the designs from her Beverly Beach swimwear collection. After posting an image on Instagram looking toned and bronzed, fans asked the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star how she keeps looking so good.

Kemsley posted an image of her modeling an outfit from her swimwear line with her hair up in a band and some serious bronzer. Fans immediately wanted to know how she kept her body looking while raising kids, running a business, and starring on the show.

She responded that she eats salmon or chicken with brown rice and veggies for dinner, later adding that she also stocks up on healthy bites like apples and peanut butter, which she says her kids also enjoy.

"Or a banana with a handful of almonds are always good on the go snacks for me," she added.

When pressed for more detail, the fashionista responded that she is conscious to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

"I like to eat healthy. I start my morning with hot water and lemon. Then fresh celery juice then coffee. I do some type of movement treadmill, a hike, yoga or Pilates and I'm on the go from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep," she wrote. "I have a treadmill and a trampoline in my bedroom. For the most part, I eat healthy and clean but I believe in moderation. If I have a naughty day I'll be really good the next day."

Several fans teased Kemsley for championing moderation after famously using the catchphrase, "I believe in an excess of everything… except moderation" for her Season 8 tag line, but many acknowledged that she seemed to have a reasonable approach to maintaining her health.

Kemsley also recently shared her favorite soup recipe on the Hallmark Channel's Home and Family website. The chicken and barley soup is packed with healthy ingredients like mushrooms, carrots, onions, and celery, and it doesn't take all day to whip up.

Those keeping up with the housewives diets might notice that soup seems to be a running theme. Kemsley's co-star Teddi Mellencamp-Arroyave says that she eats soup nearly every day for dinner. Celery juice seems to be another housewife favorite, with Kyle Richards turning to it to help her keep her weight down.

Richards says that she has always struggled to maintain her weight, but celery juice has helped make all the difference.