Devin Brugman Busts Out Of Nude Bikini While Indulging In 'Monkey Business'

Devin Brugman took to Instagram to show off her famous curves. The Bikini A Day co-founder carved time out of her day to hang from a wooden beam and called it "monkey business." Of course, her avid fan base does not care what she calls flaunting her voluptuous figure as long as she does it regularly.

The stunning brunette posted a snap on her Instagram page where she is sporting the Palma Top & Bottom in Nude Rib from her Monday Swimwear range. The busty model nearly popped out of the nude-colored bikini top as she held tightly onto the beam with her one hand. She hiked up her high-cut bikini bottom panties with the other hand to draw attention to her toned legs.

Brugman styled her hair to hang in loose, soft curls down her back and shoulders. The full-length profile shot shows that the 28-year-old still has a killer body after so many years as a social media personality.

The bikini model posed poolside against a backdrop of lush greenery, the sea, and a mountain. The exotic scenery only seemed to highlight Brugman's natural beauty. In fact, she loves sharing photos of her globe-trotting adventures. She recently posted on her Twitter feed that she will be leaving for Hawaii next week.

Brugman has a massive fan base of over 1.3 million followers who eagerly anticipate her frequent bikini photos. The astute businesswoman has three Instagram accounts which focus on her love for this particular kind of swimwear. Fans who need their Devin Brugman fix can also log onto Bikini A Day and Monday Swimwear. Inquisitr reported that Monday Swimwear was recognized as one of the top swimwear brands in 2017.

As far as the photo is concerned, Brugman's fans lapped it up. The pic has already racked up close to 25,000 likes, with many fans also taking the time to post a comment on it. Most of the comments focused on Brugman's beauty and the breathtaking scenery, while other fans showed their playful side.

One such fan was holmdelhammy who wrote, "Me not Tarzan... You definitely Jane," referring to the location and Brugman's skimpy attire.

Another follower voiced what everyone else was thinking when she said, "I can't handle her! The beauty, figure and lifestyle... Where can we get our own slice?!"

A third fan complimented Brugman and her Monday Swimwear co-founder Natasha Oakley with some well-deserved praise.

"You ladies are a true inspiration to start ups. Power to you both and amazing you stay so grounded! Cool chicas."