February 14, 2019
Alec & Hilaria Baldwin Celebrate Valentine's Day With Their Adorable Kids

It's Valentine's Day, February 14, and many celebrities are posting loving messages on social media about their partners and the other people in their lives that they deeply cherish. One famous family filled with plenty of love for one another is Alec and Hilaria Baldwin's brood. Proving it to the world, they both shared snapshots online for the holiday.

Match Game host Alec posted a photo on Instagram of Hilaria hugging him from behind in front of a giant screen that had two hearts and the words "Heart to Heart" and "Cheek to Cheek" on it. In the caption, the 60-year-old wished his 35-year-old wife of six years a Happy Valentine's Day, calling her an "unstoppable, funny, weird, magnanimous woman."

Meanwhile, Hilaria posted Valentine's Day content all day long on her Instagram page for her more than 491,000 followers to love.

In her Instagram Story, she posted a video in which she is walking through her New York City apartment. There are red hearts all over the floor leading the way to gift bags for each of her four children.

The doting mother also added a couple of photos to her Instagram Story. In one picture, she is carrying a box filled with more than a dozen beautiful red roses. In another photo, taken in a mirror's reflection, Hilaria and her 2-year-old son, Leonardo, are in their coats ready to go outside. She wrote, "My Leo Valentine" at the top and added some heart effects.

The yoga enthusiast also made three regular Instagram posts for Valentine's Day.

The earliest upload is of the family-of-six sitting on a bench in their living room. Alec is on the left side, and he's holding Leo on his lap. Five-year-old Carmen is next, and she is wearing a shirt that says, "Mommy Is My Valentine" on it. The little girl, who is wearing glasses, also has a red patch over her right eye. Next to Carmen is her 3-year-old brother, Rafael, who is kissing 8-month-old Romeo. Hilaria is at the end, holding the baby of the family upright. The three boys are all wearing the same festive shirt, but in different colors, featuring a mock white tie with red hearts on it.

A couple of hours later, Hilaria shared a photograph of Romeo all wrapped up in a green plaid jacket and fuzzy white hat. The tot, who has light eyes, has his tongue adorably sticking out. In the caption, his mama noted that it is his very first Valentine's Day and that his name fits him "perfectly."

Her evening Instagram post was a shot of herself and Alec taken in 2011, the year the couple began dating, at a Hamptons International Film Festival event. Even though it wasn't that long ago, both of the Baldwins look much younger in the snapshot. Hilaria, noticing the difference, jokingly wrote, "honey… I had to" in the caption and included the face with tears of joy emoji.

Happy Valentine's Day to all six of the Baldwins.