February 9, 2019
Alessandra Ambrosio Flaunts Cleavage In Black Cutout Dress On Instagram

Alessandra Ambrosio wore a stunning black dress to an event a few days ago, and she shared some sneak peeks with her fans on Instagram. The post included three photos, the first of which was a black-and-white photo of her posing against a small table in front of a mirror. The dress had long sleeves and a cutout in the front, along with a large silver buckle by her midriff. The dress also showed some skin on the front left by her hip, plus it had a high slit so she could flaunt her legs. Alessandra accessorized with geometric gold earrings, a gold-and-black clutch, plus black heels. The model also wore her hair down in large curls, along with dark lipstick and pronounced eyeliner.

Previously, Ambrosio shared a video titled "Constellation Manhattan," which featured her in a low-cut white dress. There were a number of other models who were part of the clip, including Cindy Crawford, who rocked a red, flowing strapless dress. All the women showed off an Omega watch. The Constellation Manhattan collection features a modern spin on old classics. It's actually the fifth incarnation of the "Manhattan" style by the brand and boasts a feminine and luxurious design.

One thing that doesn't seem to change in the model's feed is how great she looks, regardless of whether the photo is a casual selfie or a professional shot. And previously, Alessandra spoke with British Vogue and shared some of her beauty secrets to let her fans in on how she maintains her look.
"I feel like in Brazil we have this whole natural thing because we have so many great natural products - it's something that's very important. Like I'll drink a lot of coconut water which is super hydrating, and we use coconut oil on the skin, and avocado. I remember my mum putting avocado on our skin when we were kids, and putting coconut oil in our hair when we went to the beach. I grew up with it."
The model further said, "I try to avoid make-up if I don't have to work because I have to wear so much on jobs." Her natural approach is evident in some of her recent selfies, which includes one that she took in Florida. The photo showed Alessandra smiling with a white rose in her hand as she smiled with her lips closed. She appeared to wear simple makeup, if any, with potentially just some mascara and eyeshadow.