Bill Cosby’s Wife, Camille, Reportedly Refuses To Visit Him In Prison

Michael BucknerGetty Images

As Bill Cosby serves time behind bars, his estranged wife, Camille, is reportedly making plans to further distance herself from the disgraced comedian and actor. According to Radar Online, an insider close to Camille has revealed just how strained things are between her and Bill. Based on the insider’s claims, it may be quite some time before Bill Cosby even sees his wife again — because she reportedly refuses to visit him behind bars.

According to the publication, Bill Cosby’s three daughters have already opted to sever ties with him — and now it looks like Camille is planning to follow suit. It has been reported that Camille Cosby is seeking advice from some of America’s top divorce attorneys so that she can properly navigate through the divorce process. “Camille is actively getting advice from several of the top divorce lawyers in the country,” an insider said. “It’s only a matter of time before she files the papers.”

The insider went on to explain how adamant Camille Cosby is about not visiting Bill in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania’s SCI Phoenix Penitentiary. “Camille hasn’t visited Cosby in jail — not once! She doesn’t even want to be on his visitation list,” the insider revealed.

January 25 was reportedly Bill and Camille Cosby’s 55th wedding anniversary. So, of course, he felt compelled to call her. However, the insider has revealed it wasn’t exactly a call Camille was looking forward to. The insider went on to discuss the seemingly awkward conversation. “For every other couple, that would have been a big celebration, but Camille could hardly be bothered to pick up the phone,” the insider said. “She talked to him for four minutes before hanging up. It’s pretty obvious she doesn’t care about him anymore.”

The latest news follows a string of reports about Bill Cosby’s tainted past, and his legal battle with his sexual assault victim Andrea Constand. In addition to the massive news cycle regarding the case, Bill Cosby also made headlines for past indiscretions and disheartening circumstances that likely added more stress to his marriage behind closed doors. The actor found himself at the center of controversy back in the 1970s following an extramarital affair that led to the birth of his love child, Autumn Jackson. Then, in 1997, Bill and Camille Cosby tragically lost their son Ennis, who was shot and killed.

But despite the disheartening circumstances, Camille Cosby is reportedly working to move forward. As a form of therapy, Camille Cosby reportedly swims multiple times a day, according to the insider. “Camille will swim in their pool in the morning right before breakfast, again before lunch and then a third time before bed,” said a source.