February 2, 2019
Buxom 'Maxim' Model Emily Sears Goes Braless, Leaves Nothing To The Imagination In Open Robe

Australian model Emily Sears refers to herself as "a feminist in underpants" on popular social media platform Instagram -- but it appears that she may have skipped that particular article of clothing in her most recent share. The blonde bombshell is certainly no stranger to attracting the male -- or female -- gaze, having made a career out of doing so. In her latest social media pic, she appears to have broken beyond all boundaries in her latest sexy snapshot.

In this particular image, Emily is posing from a well-appointed room in Los Angeles, California -- if the geotag is to be believed. Posing on the edge of the bed, clad only in a bright white robe, it's clear that the Aussie model is letting her body do the talking for her. With one leg lifted, heel on the box-spring, the Maxim Australia cover girl flaunts her long, toned legs.

With her robe being wide open, her audience gets more than a glimpse of her buxom bust, the generous expanse of her ample assets being offered up to the photographer. Raising one delicate hand to brush away a stray lock of hair, Emily sees her platinum blonde tresses styled in luxurious curls, her tips falling to rest about her arms and back.

Her toenails are painted a pure white to match the overall cool aesthetic of the composition, one which is only further accentuated by the nightstand, pineapple lamp, and art deco print in the background.

Her skin is flawless, complimented by a pale, almost alabaster complexion.

Calling out both the local weather -- and the fact that she needs a "cuddle buddy" -- Emily Sears definitely knows the extent of her sex appeal. Her fans seemed to appreciate the candid shot, with over 10,000 Instagram users lavishing a like upon the racy picture in very short order. Despite the fact that the image has been posted for less than an hour as of this writing, over 200 people took the time to leave the gorgeous Australian a message in the comments section.

One user wrote, "This caught my feed on fiyah," followed by a flame emoji. A second Instagram fan took the time to write, "I'd love to be there right now cuddling with you," pursued by a string of kissing and smiling emojis.

As an avowed feminist, Sears makes sure to emphasize that she is more than just a pretty face. Speaking to Buzzfeed in 2017, she made her case for her political slant very clear.

"I have an interest in sensuality and owning my sexuality... I put the pictures up and people, either fortunately or unfortunately, are free to interpret. It's in the eye of the beholder and what they choose to see... A lot of men looking at me do not [do so] to receive my politics, but what's good and bad about that is that it means that I'm getting through to a few people who need to hear the message most."