Top 10 Hottest Photos Of Lolo Jones On Instagram

Kathryn Cook

As fans know, Lolo Jones is a multi-talented athlete who has dazzled in both the Winter Olympics and the Summer Olympics.

Now, the 36-year-old is proving that she's also very entertaining in the personality department as she is taking a stab at reality TV on the current season of Big Brother. So far, Lolo has definitely not disappointed on the show, and she made headlines this past week for getting into a huge brawl with Tamar Jackson. In fact, the fight got so heated that Tamar even packed her bags to leave for good.

But when Lolo is not appearing on reality TV, she's busy posting sexy photos of herself on her highly-followed Instagram account.

Here are the top 10 hottest photos of Lolo Jones on her own Instagram page:

1. Baby Got Back

2. Mirror Selfie

3. Curly Hair, Don't Care

4. Six Pack Abs

5. ESPY Ready

6. Little Purple Bikini

7. Barely-There Bottoms

8. Thirst Trap

9. Side Abs

10. More Abs