Dua Lipa Unleashes Her Sexy Side In A Latex Corset Bodysuit Inspired By 'The Matrix'

Dua Lipa is busy promoting her music career, which seems to be doing quite well considering her huge fan base that's raving about it on her Instagram. But in addition, she's shared several snaps of her rocking a latex black corset bodysuit as she unleashed her sexy side. She put on the special outfit for a friend's Matrix themed birthday party, which was very fitting. Dua shared pictures of her and friends having a good time, along with close-up snaps of her outfit. The close-ups revealed that she accessorized with a geometric necklace and hoop earrings, along with dark eyeliner and mascara. Fans couldn't get enough of the look, as they raved, "So pretty," "OMG SO BEAUTIFUL," and "Too hot."

The party was for Julian Rupert, who is apparently a friend of Dua and works for TAP Management. The company manages not just Lipa, but other huge names like Ellie Goulding and Lana Del Rey, according to Billboard.

In addition to the fun Matrix party, Dua has a lot going on right now as she promotes her new song, "Swan Song" which was made into a music video. Hailed by Rolling Stone as "cinematic" and "dystopian," the song is going to be part of a new movie coming out by Robert Rodriguez called Alita: Battle Angel.

The music video director, Floria Sigismondi, discussed their intentions in crafting the piece.
"While in the film, Alita is quite literally on a journey to discover who she is. Her story serves as a really powerful allegory for any girl who doesn't yet know her own power. I wanted to play with that same profound notion by dropping Dua into a facet of Alita's world and allowing Alita to serve as a surrogate that leads her on a journey to discover she's stronger than she ever could have imagined."
With lyrics like "You know the time is running, running out/Only I see the diamonds, diamonds breaking down," the song's vibe is likely to be a perfect match for the movie. While the music video has already been released, the film won't be in theaters until Valentine's Day.
For now, fans can look forward to the date by following Dua's social media, as she hypes it up. Meanwhile, she posted about the backstory of the music video. The entire song and video appears to be very conceptual, and has themes of silence, injustice, and activism.