‘Playboy’ Playmate Sara Underwood Leaves Little To The Imagination In Skimpy Lace Lingerie

David BeckerGetty Images

Former Playboy model Sara Jean Underwood is perhaps one of the most provocative — and prolific — Instagram influencers on the popular social media platform. Nearly every day, the blonde bombshell takes to Instagram to share a creative, and sexy, snapshot with her legions of ardent admirers.

In her most recent share, Sara can be seen reclining in a rustic looking Adirondack chair, wearing very little but a set of lingerie in red. The two-piece underwear set hugs her iconic curves and leaves very little to the imagination in the process. The former Playboy vixen’s prominent bust and strong, toned thighs are on full display, accentuated even further by her apparently casual pose — one booted foot lifted to rest against her bare knee.

Accessorizing her look with a cute knitted cap — also in bright red, matching the theme — and a pretty pink lip, it’s clear that Sara is taking the pose seriously. The slightest hint of a playful smile graces her face, her lips parted in a breathy expression. Sara’s signature blond locks are somewhat contained by the brim of her hat, and are worn short, resting at the nape of her neck.

The background is extremely visual interesting, to say the least. Long branches covered in stringy moss hang down from the heavens, creating a unique and surreal backdrop for the proceedings. The deck that Sara is resting on is fringed by a railing made from interwoven branches, deeply curved in an artistic fashion.

In the caption of the image, Sara Underwood gives a shout-out to promotional partner — and red-hot fashion label — Fashion Nova. She also clarifies that the image was shot from the deck of a treehouse, which would explain the woodwork and the branches hanging in the background. The intriguing image also caught the eye of Sara’s many admirers as well, with over 75,000 Instagram users offering the sultry snapshot a like. Several hundred of her most devoted fans also took the time to pen a quick note in response to the share, with most of those comments being highly complimentary in nature.

One user wrote, “How are you actually perfect?” while another Instagram fan quipped, “You’re a beautiful young lady, and Jacob is one lucky guy…”

The latter commenter is referring to Sara’s boyfriend and principal photographer, Jacob Witzling. Per designboom, Sara and Jacob have been traveling the world in a heavily modified 1979 Ford F-250 pickup truck with a wooden cabin attached to the truck bed.

It seems that no matter where Sara might go, beauty and intrigue are sure to follow. Her fans can’t wait to see what venue she may visit — and share a post from — next.