January 24, 2019
Buxom 'Playboy' Model Lindsey Pelas Nearly Busts Out Of Tight One-Piece Swimsuit

Former Playboy model Lindsey Pelas has been attracting some serious attention on social media as of late. Pelas, who has previously modeled for GQ, Glamour, and Maxim, is leveraging her years of professional experience to give her fans and followers what they want.

Recently, the former Playboy Playmate took to popular social media platform Instagram to post a sizzling black-and-white photo that is sure to get hearts racing and heads turning.

In her newest share, Pelas as seen striking a pose, as she stands in front of a neutral colored backdrop. Unlike most of Pelas' pics, which are shot and posted in full color, this particular image was posted in black and white. That being said, it's hard to say whether this was done by the photographer, or through an Instagram filter. Pelas' post was shot by photographer McLaren Ray.

In terms of accessorizing, Pelas has kept her look rather simple. Based on what the camera has captured, the only jewelry visible is a pair of studded earrings. When it comes to makeup, it seems as if the model has applied a deep black mascara, complemented by her wonderfully sculpted eyebrows and nude lipstick. Of course, with the photo being posted in black and white, it's a bit difficult to figure out exactly what product Lindsey is using.

Of course, the main focus of this photo is on Lindsey Pela's choice in swimwear. The buxom model is seen wearing a rather tight one-piece swimsuit, which is completely black. The outfit is held up with spaghetti-thin straps, and the Playboy Playmate's ample assets are on full display, with plenty of cleavage being shown.

Pelas' platinum blonde tresses are let loose in this picture, cascading down her shoulders and back. The Instagram star is posed with one hand on her hips -- which are fully revealed thanks to her revealing choice in swimwear -- lending Lindsey a confident and sultry look.

Despite only being live for a short period of time, Lindsey Pelas' newest Instagram share has been garnering a lot of attention from her adoring fans. At the time of writing, her photo has accrued well over 56,000 likes, with fans taking the time to pen over 700 comments.

Despite her good looks, Lindsey has often struggled from traditional stereotypes and is often painted as being shallow and materialistic. As the Daily Mail noted, that's hardly the case.

"Unfortunately, the world can still be stereotypical and attribute mental characteristics to physical ones, but I think most of the listeners, and podcasting community in general, are a lot smarter than that," Pelas said. "A lot of people assume I'm mean, materialistic, and shallow – and I'm exactly the opposite. I'm really empathetic, down to earth (being a southern girl from Louisiana), and I'm quick-witted."