‘Temptation Island’ Star Evan Smith Mentioned His Father’s Murder – What Happened To His Dad Gavin?

Mario PerezUSA Network

The USA Network has revived the reality television show Temptation Island, and the first episode of the new season debuted on Tuesday night. Kaci Campbell and Evan Smith are one of four couples participating as they work through challenges in their relationships, and it turns out Evan has some weighty family history to work through, too. His father Gavin was murdered by the husband of his mistress several years ago, and it was quite the chilling story.

Viewers heard Evan Smith talk about his father during the premiere of Temptation Island and what happened to Gavin Smith is a stunning story. People notes that Gavin was a 20th Century Fox studio executive in Hollywood, and he had also played basketball for the UCLA Bruins.

In May 2012, Evan learned from his mother Lisa that Gavin had disappeared. The 57-year-old still-married studio executive was supposed to take Evan’s little brother to school, but he never showed up. Evan details that he and his brothers had always been able to count on their father, so he immediately knew something was wrong.

Unfortunately, the family didn’t get any answers for quite some time. Eight months after Gavin’s disappearance, his car was discovered in a storage unit. The black Mercedes was bloodied, and E! News reported that drug dealer John Creech was soon connected to the car, as it was seemingly Creech’s storage locker that was holding the car. Creech, it turned out, was married to a woman named Chandrika Cade, who had been Gavin’s mistress.

The Creech home had been searched at the time of Gavin’s disappearance, but no answers were found during that initial stage of the investigation. Even as the car was found, Smith’s body remained missing. Once the vehicle was found, however, the Smith case was reclassified as a homicide.

InTouch details that at the time the car was found, Creech was already serving a sentence in prison for selling and transporting cocaine. After the discovery of the Mercedes, he was also charged with Smith’s murder. Gavin’s remains were later found in October 2014 when a hiker came upon them in the desert.

Creech claimed that he beat Smith to death in self-defense after finding Gavin with his wife. He said that the studio executive choked and threatened him and that he simply fought back. Because he had previously been in legal trouble, Creech said, he buried Smith’s body in the desert rather than call the police.

Cade met Smith in 2008 when the two were at a drug rehab facility, and they were together on and off until Gavin’s death. The two had met secretly the night of the murder, and Creech had reportedly used an iPhone app to track his wife to her location. Creech snuck up on the couple and beat the studio executive to death with his fists.

As all of that happened, the Los Angeles Times notes, Cade fled the scene. She later testified at trial against Creech after receiving immunity from being charged as an accessory after the fact.

Ultimately, Creech was found guilty by a jury at trial of voluntary manslaughter, but not of first- or second-degree murder. He was sentenced to 11 years and Evan spoke at the sentencing asking the judge to give Creech the maximum sentence.

Obviously, the circumstances of Gavin Smith’s death have greatly impacted Evan. How has that experience influenced his relationship with Kaci and will participating on Temptation Island serve to bring the couple closer together? It sounds as if this experience will be referenced additional times as the season plays out, and fans will be anxious to see what happens with this couple next.