Shanna Moakler Stuns In Same Bright Red Bikini That She Rocked In 1995 Miss USA Competition

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Who needs the 10 year challenge when you can do the 24 year challenge instead?

Over the past few weeks, celebrities have been taking to their Instagram account to share photos of the “10 year challenge.” The point of the challenge is to share two side-by-side photos of yourself. One of the photos is supposed to be from 10 years ago, and the other is supposed to be a recent photo of yourself. But model Shanna Moakler took the challenge to another level by sharing two photos that are 24 years apart.

In the photo on the left, Moakler is seen rocking a red bikini during the 1995 Miss USA Competition. She wears her long, blonde locks down and curled — and also sports a sash that reads “New York” while she poses next to other competitors. The photo on the right shows Moakler in the same skimpy red bikini. The model holds her phone up to a mirror, and snaps a selfie that shows off her amazing body.

In the caption of the image, Moakler explains that in her more recent photo, she is 35 pounds heavier. She says that she thinks that it is “all boobs” that account for the extra weight. She tells her followers that she is not trying to be 19 again, but that she is currently happy where she is at with her body — especially since it’s been three months since her “mommy makeover.”

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Ok ten year challenge, I’ll see your ten and raise you 14! ( this adds up@to 24 its a poker term ) ???? this is my actual swimsuit from #missusa I’m actually 35lbs heavier now and I think it’s all in my boobs! ????????????don’t worry Im not trying to be 19 again I like where I’m at! however I’m also almost at the 3 month mark from my #mommymakeover with @leifrogersmd again I’ll be doing a YouTube vid on it allllll but yes I am very happy with my results! My stomach muscles are actually where they are suppose to be! I got the ok to go back to the gym which I started doing and I know it will just get better with time! Many say 3 to 6 months! Thanks for everyone supporting me through it! ❤️

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Followers of the 43-year-old have given the photo a ton of attention already, showering it with over 6,000 likes in addition to 260-plus comments. Some fans commented on the image to gush over how amazing Shanna still looks, while countless others chimed in to congratulate her on her mommy makeover.

“You look amazing! I can’t wait to see the butt makeover. I have always wanted a smaller booty too. I love that you are so brave. I’m working up the courage now that I’m turning 55,” one fan wrote.

“Looking amazing Your face is always beautiful but your body is honestly the glow up in the 10 years!!! You go glen coco you’re stunning,” another user chimed in.

As the Inquisitr shared a few weeks ago, Moakler recently wowed fans with another sexy snapshot. Like her current one, Shanna stands in her room and takes a selfie in the mirror. This time, though, she’s pictured in a sexy pink sports bra and some black underwear. In the caption of the image, the 43-year-old explained that she is already five weeks post-op from her “mommy makeover” — and she’s already beginning to see a difference. She is, however, a little bit swollen and discolored from bruising.

She then goes on to explain that all of the lumps, as well as the “weird pockets” by her scar, are gone. That’s something that makes her really happy, especially because that was something that she always tried to hide. To end the post, she thanked surgeon Leif Rogers and his team for doing amazing work on her.

Clearly, Shanna is feeling really good about herself these days.