Ultra Petite Bikini Model Vanessa Ariel Torres Pops Champagne & Her Booty In Scanty Thong Swimsuit

Vanessa Ariel TorresInstagram

Ultra petite model Vanessa Ariel Torres may be an up and coming Instagram starlet, and a lot of that is likely due to her tireless work ethic. Always taking the time to provide sun-kissed snapshots to her most ardent admirers, the Indo-Trinidadian and Puerto Rican model is reflective and conscientious — not to mention sexy — in almost all of her poses.

In her most recent Instagram share, Vanessa can be seen with her back to the camera while overlooking a paradisaical Caribbean Sea. Her long raven-colored locks fall in loose waves about her back, coming to an end just above her pert posterior. Clad in a skimpy white thong bikini which leaves little to the imagination, it’s clear that Vanessa knows exactly how to titillate her audience. Placing one leg artfully in front of the other and popping her booty backwards into prominence, Vanessa Ariel Torres shows that she is a veteran of the social media game and has a firm grasp on her most sensual aesthetics — aesthetics which translate to success in the highly competitive arena of Instagram modeling.

A bottle of champagne, cork popped, lies on a nearby tabletop. The golden-yellow color of the champagne comes through the transparent glass in which it rests, complimenting the snapshot’s easy-going yet sophisticated vibe.

Offering up a poetic bit of commentary on how she could “swear the sky was painted,” it seems that Vanessa was not the only one to appreciate the beauty captured in the photographic frame. Over 8,500 Instagram fans and followers gave her most recent share a like, and over 250 individuals took the time to leave her a note in the comments section — many of them taking a stab at which island could be spied in the background.

One user wrote, “My guess is the Bahamas. It’s really incredible how you make any country even more beautiful than before when you’re in it,” while another social media follower made a different suggestion, writing, “I grew up in St. Thomas so I’ll say that’s the island.”

While Vanessa Ariel Torres spent some effort in replying to many of the guesses left by her fans, she remained cagey about providing a firm answer as of the writing of this article. Fans will just have to wait, and follow, the petite fashion model to find out the answer!

Vanessa has made headlines most recently for her body positivity. According to Bikiniluxe, the multi-ethnic model has publicly embraced her flaws — including her stretch marks. Refusing to digitally remove her stretch marks from any photo which she posts, the fashion magazine would go in to interview her on the subjects of inclusivity and acceptance — particularly for young women. Vanessa Ariel Torres, despite being very young — in her early 20s — seems to have wisdom beyond her years, and spoke out about the importance of kindness.

“Be good to yourself, your body, and other people. Everyone loves kind-hearted people and I strongly believe that you attract what you put out. Also, just be yourself! It sounds cliche, but in a world full of millennials trying to look, act, and be like each other, feel free to be the odd one out. Emphasize the little things that make you different and that you love about yourself whether it be something mental or physical.”