Mexico's 'Hottest Weather Girl Ever' Yanet Garcia Leaves Little To The Imagination In Sequined Beach Bikini

Once dubbed the "hottest weather girl ever" by TMZ (via YouTube), Mexican weather presenter and model Yanet Garcia rose to fame after having gone viral on the internet some years prior. Well known for her curvaceous figure -- particularly her pert and prominent booty -- Yanet took the time to grace her legions of fans with some of her other natural assets in a snapshot recently shared to Instagram.

In this particular image, it appears that the Mexican beauty is enjoying a windy day at a beach somewhere. A boardwalk and what appears to be the prow of a ship can be seen in the background, as can a blue sky and some heavy cloud cover. Brushing her sun-kissed chestnut tresses away from her beautiful face in a vain effort to keep the wind from making a mess of them, Yanet appears to be making the best of a blustery situation.

The focal point of the photograph, however, may be the weather girl's prominent bust. Clad in a sequined, multi-colored bikini top which leaves little to the imagination, Yanet's deep cleavage is put on full display. With her lips parted in a serious yet sensual expression, the brunette bombshell stares deep into the camera lens. Going light on the makeup, Yanet's deep brown eyes are complimented by perfectly sculpted eyebrows and a touch of eyelash mascara.

It seems that -- despite having only been posted mere moments ago -- the beach-side picture has already gathered a great deal of attention from Yanet's most attentive fans. Over 66,000 Instagram users gave her a like for her selfie, while over 400 of her fans and followers took the time to drop a note in the comments section.

One user wrote, "Natural beauty perfect face," while a second fan quipped, "Video games or her? HER ALL DAY LONG!!!"

The latter reference is almost certainly a poke at Yanet's high profile breakup with ex-boyfriend Doug "FaZe Censor" Martin. In a particularly messy split, Martin dumped Garcia -- making accusations that she was more interested in his earning potential than in his heart, per Maxim.

Yanet Garcia was quick to fire back, claiming that just the opposite was true. Standing up for herself, she elaborated her position on the matter quite clearly.

"[Doug Martin] has decided to change unconditional love for money or monetizing it as social platforms now call it... I believe in justice and bravery and that is why I'm pointing out the lies that I'm not willing to accept... I cannot recognize the person I was in love with."
The future certainly looks bright for the dazzling Mexican model and television personality -- despite the windy day.