Bachelor Nation New Couple Alert: Jason Tartick, Kaitlyn Bristowe Planning A Real Date After Online Flirting

Fans of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are already "shipping" a new couple, and the two franchise veterans apparently haven't even had their first official date yet. There's been buzz swirling for a little while now about a potential romance between Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick and now some additional details have emerged.

Kaitlyn Bristowe announced her split from Shawn Booth last November and people have noticed some flirty banter on social media between Bristowe and fellow franchise contestant Jason Tartick. Jason, as Bachelorette fans know, was on Becca Kufrin's season last spring and he's seemingly been single since filming the show. Could Kaitlyn and Jason become the next big thing within Bachelor Nation?

As the Inquisitr recently detailed, Jason and Kaitlyn have been leaving flirtatious comments on one another's Instagram posts for a few weeks now. In addition, gossip king Reality Steve noted that there seems to be something going on between Bristowe and Tartick, but he didn't know exactly how far things had progressed in this potential romance.

To Bachelor and Bachelorette fans, it doesn't seem to matter. People are digging the idea of Kaitlyn and Jason together and they are ready to see things happen. Now, it seems, the two are officially looking forward to their first true date.

Tartick and Bristowe have connected before thanks to her Off the Vine podcast. He was on her podcast in late October, and it seems he's going to be on it again soon. Tartick, 30, told ET Online this week that he's already done another episode of Off the Vine and the idea of the two going out on a date came up during the podcast.

Kaitlyn apparently put Jason on the spot while they recorded the podcast, teasingly asking when he was going to invite her out on a date. It seems that's all it took for Tartick to throw the offer out there and Bristowe, 33, accepted.

The two Bachelorette veterans are slated to both be in Denver soon and that is where they will head out on their official date. Jason is already looking to impress Kaitlyn with his ability to choose a restaurant and he noted that they both love wine, so that's a good starting point.

In addition, Tartick was open in noting that he thinks Bristowe is a beautiful woman with a great sense of humor and he loves that she empowers women and is down-to-Earth. After the tough split that Kaitlyn recently had from her Bachelorette fiance Shawn, this kind of flattery from Jason is probably just what she needs right now.

Based on this update from Jason Tartick, it seems to be a bit too early to ship this couple too hard quite yet. However, Bachelorette fans are rooting for Jason and Kaitlyn Bristowe to hit it off romantically and a lot of people think that these two could be a great fit for one another.

Could Jason and Kaitlyn be the next big Bachelor Nation couple? Everybody will have to stay tuned for updates, but it seems things are looking good so far.