Abigail Ratchford Rocks Completely See-Through Top In Sultry Snap Showing Off Endless Curves

Kelly Butler

Instagram glamour model Abigail Ratchford took to Instagram to share a snap of herself rocking a completely see-through, low cut top that wowed her fans. Ratchford's entire chest and ample cleavage were visible in the snap, and the white number showed off her curves flawlessly. The crop top tied in the front and was low cut leaving little to the imagination. She playfully pulled at one of the strings, giving off the idea that she was in the middle of undressing herself.

The "Baby Girl" top from L.A. design house Alglist, retails for around $30 and features bell sleeves with fur around the wrists. Ratchford paired the garb with a pair of sequenced bikini bottoms from the same outlet. The bottoms were high cut, sitting just above her hips to highlight her toned legs and covered in white rhinestones.

For the look, the Maxim model wore her chestnut colored hair in loose waves that spilled over one shoulder. She wore a hint of gold eyeshadow to make her emerald eyes pop. Ratchford highlighted her plump out with pink lipstick and gave the camera a sultry stare. She topped the look off with long, dangling rhinestone covered earrings in silver.

Ratchford also shared some sexy shots of herself since she's returned from her trip. Yesterday, she posted a video of herself giving the camera a little shimmy while wearing a red and white underwear set, complete with a red satin robe. She also shared a close-up shot of herself giving a clear look at her buxom chest while she updated her 8.8 million fans on a photo shoot that was canceled due to weather.

She also shared a behind the scenes glimpse of herself in the white see-through top to her story, showing off the jaw-dropping number while playing with a laser pointer she revealed that she picked up in Mexico. At the end of her Instagram story, Ratchford added two shots of herself in a black lacy lingerie set which showed off her curves flawlessly.